Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments (Sponsor)

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Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments (Sponsor)

Post by lee » July 12, 2009, 6:35 pm

Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments Udon Thani

40 Fully Air-Conditioned rooms and 4 private bungalows
Mini Bar fridge, Cable TV
Wi-fi Internet
Hot Water
Secure Parking
Swimming Pool
Restaurant & Coffee shop

480bt per day or 12,000bt per month (all inclusive)

Tel. 042-222-288, 042-2224-4222 Fax 042-222-577

288/28 Ring Road, Nong Bua, Muang Udon Thani Email. MAP REF T3 ... 38581&z=15[/googlemap]
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Marmite The Dog
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Re: Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments (Sponsor)

Post by Marmite The Dog » July 13, 2009, 8:53 am

That place looks quite nice, but 12k a month...? :-k

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Re: Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments (Sponsor)

Post by archie » October 31, 2009, 6:24 pm

Does anyone know what the rates for the bungalows are and what the configuration of them is ?

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Re: Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments (Sponsor)

Post by lee » November 2, 2009, 10:01 am

The bungalows are a single room with bathroom, I'm not sure what the rates are.

The pool is now finished. ;)
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Re: Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments (Sponsor)

Post by Techland » November 2, 2009, 11:58 am

We just had friends of us staying there for 2 nights. I personally inspected the rooms. Very nice and nothing to complain about, see above pictures. Friendly and helpful stuff. Room rate had been 400 something a night. Their room's 'balcony' (the smoker's place, the whole hotel is non-smoker!) was on the Mini Golf side. Very nice and quite.

This hotel just has one very big problem - you won't find it. The signs on the street are thai only and easy to overlook. The hotel is in the back, not at the main street (which is good, of course). Located directly beside the Climbing Wall Mini Golf place.

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Re: Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments (Sponsor)

Post by tammakhun » March 8, 2010, 12:34 am

I'm on the final night of a 4 night stay here now. I'm in the hotel on 2nd floor, mini golf side. 480 baht per night.

I give the hotel here 2 thumbs up.

As far as the good: Hotel is clean, house keeping is really good, staff is friendly etc.

The potential negative: Not much English from staff. The food service menu in room, signs in room etc are all in Thai only. This doesn't bother me because my wife is with me and even when things are in English I don;t generally deal with front desks, room service etc, that her job :) so I hardly notice the difference.

I found the food pricing here to be lower than the others I stayed at. However as is case with most hotels the price is market up a bit from what I can buy the same for at a street shop down the road (Not at all unreasonable here.

The best thing to report is internet speed. During the entire 4 days I stayed here I did not need to call about internet being out or struggle through a slow patch at all. The internet worked awesome the entire time here, and basically the reason I am staying in this hotel right now is to get caught up on work (I do website design work, and heavy uploading and downloading as well). A+++ in that and was included in the 480 Baht per night room cost, I certainly can't complain.

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Re: Baan Worachan - Hotel Apartments (Sponsor)

Post by rick » July 1, 2010, 6:38 pm

The previous poster is just about spot on with his review. I stayed there a week last month and was happy with it. Food was good and quite cheap (about 45 baht for breakfast). For a comparison, think of a posh version of Ruysuk rooms. At 480 baht a night, was a reasonable price. Did have some trouble with internet, not always so fast as previously claimed; had to swap wi-fi nodes sometimes.

The clientele is basically Thai businessmen, farang are rare. Quite busy; going by the carpark, which is often full. if the location is good for you (near Global House, next to defunct minigolf) and you want a swimming pool, give it a go.

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