Dash Cam - What to do with the captured / recorded files

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Dash Cam - What to do with the captured / recorded files

Post by wazza » November 29, 2016, 9:04 pm

Quiet a lot of discussion on another thread about an incident involving an expat and the Dash Cam recording etc

I have one installed 32 GB.

Does anyone know if any insurance companies have a procedure for the use of the captured recording ?

Do the Royal Thai Police have the power to second / seize the recording on the SD card ? ( I think they would ?)

What would you do if you had an incident, and the recording is in your favour, eg a Red Light runner

I would immediately remove the SD card from my cam in the event of an incident. to provide some sort of chain of custody /evidence for my personal use / my insurance company, but would be very reluctant to hand it over to a 3rd party to use and subsequently post on social media as we have seen etc.... it could get messy if RTP destroy it with poor IT skills or even lost which could be convenient for the 3rd party who is at fault etc

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Re: Dash Cam - What to do with the captured / recorded files

Post by ting_tong » November 30, 2016, 9:16 am

if I had to prove footage, I would make a copy (s) and give a copy
dash cams loop record over old footage

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Re: Dash Cam - What to do with the captured / recorded files

Post by BobHelm » November 30, 2016, 9:43 am

If your camera has a bluetooth connection (some do, the cheaper ones don't) then it would be possible to connect to your phone & record there as well - deleting after you completed your journey to save space, or even saving it to something like DropBox if it was important.,

There is currently a free smart phone application in development that turns you smart phone into a dash cam - plus a load of 'tricks' included with it . That automatically records your footage up to a free cloud server.

There are free smart phone Aps available that just record footage, but Nexar is a bit of a step beyond that... It is a very simple step to get the video automatically recorded up to something like DropBox so you have a Cloud copy as well..

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