Thai movies/DVDs/VCDs.....

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Thai movies/DVDs/VCDs.....

Post by ergman » August 24, 2008, 11:57 pm

Just got done watching a Thai movie with the wife called Phobia....HOLY CRAP was it scary/creepy!!!! We're in Saudi Arabia and I download a lot of movies, TV shows and CDs for us both on and we're lucky enough that a lot of Thai movies get put on there. Anyways that was a fun movie to watch!! Was just wondering if a lot of you take the time to watch any of the Thai movies with your TW's or TGF's??? I also get a lot of movies (DVD's and VCD's) from Thailand and we watch the movies in Thai with the English subtitles turned on as I don't have a problem with that (my next door neighbor is from the UK and has a Thai wife and I let them borrow any of the movies I get like that BUT he will play the movie in English and put on the Thai subtitles for his wife on their little TV and I think what an Ahole!!! (not because he is from the UK but just because that's the way he is!!)).

Anyways has any of your significant others seen this movie??

Super cheers!! :D :D

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Post by mighty-chang » August 25, 2008, 9:06 am a film called beautiful boxer . i watched it with my wife 5 years ago . the true story is about a katoy kick boxer who fights on the top stage but also fight's againts his sexuality class film (english subtitles only)

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