Big C Santapol Bridge Closure

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Re: Big C Santapol Bridge Closure

Post by FrazeeDK » May 24, 2022, 4:18 pm

drove in towards Big C and cut left on the Ring Road. The temporary U-Turn is about 400 meters from the overpass. Did the U-Turn and noted the traffic was backed up from the overpass a good 300 meters. Cut down by the old RoadHouse (gone now) location going up the soi that is beside Big C and comes out right by the overpass to get by the bottleneck... Don't plan on using that section of the Ring Road until it traffic is flowing freely again.


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Re: Big C Santapol Bridge Closure

Post by rick » May 25, 2022, 1:30 am

This morning my private rat run took only 12 minutes to get from Nong Nalam to St. Mary's, better than even pre BIgC junction works - didn't see another car until i got to the ringroad, then just 300 metres down to the soi Nong Bua/Nong Sai traffic lights, only half a dozen cars at the lights on the ring road and then turn right into Soi Nong Bua, That was a bit slow but i only go aabout 250 metres and then cut across to the back of the school. Only problem is part of the road at the Nong Nalam end is already flooded, so soon will need to modify the route once the water gets up to the car door.....

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Re: Big C Santapol Bridge Closure

Post by Galee » May 25, 2022, 8:13 am

Used the ring road at 6.30pm yesterday and again at 9.00pm. Quicker and smoother than when the traffic lights were working.

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