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Re: Vista

Post by hxjohn » October 22, 2008, 9:07 pm

well at least your back online and haveing less hassle with your pc if you do try vista again download vista boot pro its free and safe from pc world ... ption.html
happy computing ](*,) :D

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Re: Vista

Post by rufus » October 24, 2008, 9:02 am

Ron can't help you with the Mac I'm afraid. I only program in Windows.
What I think you did is to stop one of processes from starting which is used to connect to the web. MSN and Yahoo both have options which allow you to determine whether they should load at startup time or not. I suggest you turn those off.
Sorry if I came across a bit narky. Having worked in the IT indistry for many years in Australia, including on support, I still get a bit peed off when people make comments which are clearly wrong and based on a lack of information - this general rant does not refer to you btw.
Silly comments about Vista eg are a case in point. Most of the time people simply don't know how to use the oS or are misusing it. Btw thats one of the reasons I hate Macs - they are NOT intuitive, and they do NOT allow you to tweak the OS. Afaiac Apple is an incredibly arrogant company.

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Re: Vista

Post by aznyron » October 24, 2008, 9:11 am

Rufus that OK BTW I corrected that problem I just changed it to normal startup I also learned some thing
I have 3 H/D one is blank one with vista & other with XP so I switch around a lot it gives me some thing to do it also exercise my mind from being a vegetable at my age
HX thank you for that link I downloaded in my vista I also have it saved in my external H/D

The man from Ketchup
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Re: Vista

Post by The man from Ketchup » October 24, 2008, 11:22 am

I also am a computer Geek. I am a network/systems administrator.

I personal dislike Vista too. Not because I am complacent but because I am impatient.

Unless you buy a high spec desktop then Vista takes a long time to do many basic functions. I will not even start to talk about boot up.

I certainly would not buy a laptop with it. Even browsing the file system is painfully slow and this very basic function. In a business environment the security options and settings are a pain in the Arse.

All the clicking and agreeing to boxes piss's me of. If I wanted to be treated like a child I will go and visit my mother. Sure have all this "are you sure" are you really sure you want too" "I recommend this you don’t do that, are you sure you want too" YES I F**individual and Sure!!!!, Just do it! But make it possible to turn it off. Even when you are logged in as Admin you get asked.

I believe it is better now. But it does not run many older hardware and apps. And I agree you need to move on some time but sometimes you can not afford to fork out all at once.

I believe for 90% of home PC user XP is all you need. Word Processor, spreadsheet, e-mail, internet and printing. All work perfectly on XP. **** I still know people who run win98 which still do all the above just fine. IMO most business will skip Vista and maybe even Win7. Maybe when hardware will only run 64-bit software will most people look at changing the OS when they purchase new Hardware.

And then I think you will find other OS's will be more than ready to fill that requirement. Suse and redhat linux are starting to look good now. Ibuntu is still for the linux purist and too hard for the average home user.

Oh and 1 last thing the main difference between XP home and Prof.

Prof has:

1. Additional user/group security options
2. There is a backup function
3. You can configure your harddrives to be dynamic instead of just basic.
(This give you software mirrors. Drive spanning and other options)
4. It also has basic web hosting and e-mail hosting option. Upto 5 accounts!
(Why you would need this I don’t know. But it is there.)
5. And others.

Well that’s my 5baht’s worth.



Re: Vista

Post by xcession » October 24, 2008, 12:39 pm

aznyron wrote:rufus I don't want msn or yahoo or any program I downloaded from the internet to start up when I turn on my PC I know certain programs must start up when you start the pc but not every thing that why I used diagnostic start up it only loads the programs needed to start with XP it works just fine in XP. With vista it shuts off every thing I need to access the internet how stupid could they be who wrote the programs.
rufus I know enough about computers to keep my self out of trouble before I came to Thailand
I took the A+ class in Mohave Community College two semester which completed the class I got a B because I missed two classes so I have a good understanding on how to fix & use my computer now on another hand if you could help me with my apple Imac leopard O/S now there I am complete idiot
What is your problem with leopard ? maybe I can help you...

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Re: Vista

Post by tamada » October 25, 2008, 9:56 pm

aznyron wrote: Tam the only difference between XP home & pro were security issues I have both and both are legal copies
other than that I saw no difference so your analysis of home being **** is off the chart
As you find ron. If you read my post, a lot of my work involves remote network connectivity, i.e. ease of connecting to a clients server and network, usually via satellite links. In 2004 offshore Turkmenistan we had a 4-man team of consultants on a startup. Three of us were still running Windows2000 and we were online with only a few tweaks and changes. The fourth guy was boasting a new laptop with XP Home. He was so frustrated with it's total inability to join a network, he almost tossed it out the porthole! I had a corporate edition of Win2K and loaded that on his machine instead and he thanked me for it.

If you are plugging an XP Home or XP Pro machine into your home router/hub/adsl modem and surfing the net then I agree, the difference is negligible but if you need a bit more flexibility, only the 'Pro' or 'Premium' versions have all the bells and whistles you want.

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Re: Vista

Post by Skwint » November 4, 2008, 2:13 pm

I was a big fan of XP, but now use Vista Ultimate, I hated it at first and even went back to XP for a while (the one with the Vista effects tho').
I have now gone back to Vista after building a new more powerful desktop and love it. The secret is in how powerful your computer is. M'soft claim min 1G of RAM minimum, but mine didn't like it with 1.5G. Now I have 3G and it's fine, not everyone has or needs this kind of power in a PC, I only have it because I do quite a bit of gaming to try and stay sane on this tiny bloody island.

Has anyone noticed how 95 was great and 98 was ----, then 98 was great and 2000 was ---- and so on, next thing you know everyone will be saying how great Vista was and that Windows 7 is ----.

But I think we can all agree that Millenium was the ultimate in garbage.

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