Venomous Snakes of Udon Thani

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Re: Venomous Snakes of Udon Thani

Post by parrot » May 28, 2019, 3:00 pm

FrazeeDK wrote:
March 29, 2018, 1:57 pm
a bit off the topic of venomous snakes but still yard invading vermin.. On the evening of March 8th I heard our dogs barking a tremendous racket about 10PM. They had... something and all three were battling it ferociously.. When we went out to see what it was it turned out to be a huge rat.. It had already bitten two of the dogs on their muzzles which made them even more enraged.. They finally subdued it with me giving it the coup-de-grace with a shovel.. We cleaned out the dog's wounds with hydrogen peroxide.. Their shots are up to date and they've healed up just fine. In checking the internet its either a Bandicoot Rat or perhaps even a small Nutria. We weighed the body the next day; 4 kilos even.. It was sent out to our nephews village where all his neighbor's said they'd never seen anything like it in their lives.. Of course, that didn't stop them from butchering it and having a fry up with beer....

DSC01038.JPG DSC01033.JPG
I missed this post/photo while in the US last year. Interesting animal. There are lots of articles about 'the answer to farmers' prayers'......nutria breeding. Only the nutria devastated many farmers' livelihoods in the rice fields. ... rong/64604

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