Bangkok-Chonburi tollway

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Bangkok-Chonburi tollway

Post by trubrit » April 2, 2012, 12:46 pm

Starting yesterday the Ist April the police have now installed speed cameras over the entire stretch of this motorway. The cameras have an accuracy range of 2kms. If your vehicle is detected speeding you will receive a summons in the post with a shot displaying the car and both the speed and the time taken. You will also have a fine of 5,000bht to pay for a first offence and 10,000bht for a second. After that its immediate disqualification. Drivers of PSV 's will lose their license at the first offence. The vehicles registered owner will have to pay and hire companies propose to charge your credit card .
I have just been watching the things in action on the TV, they obviously mean business. Yesterday they caught 300 motors, so its going to be a nice little earner, but long overdue .
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Bangkok-Chonburi tollway .

Post by Bandung_Dero » April 2, 2012, 3:01 pm

The fines seem way over the top by normal Thai standards. Don't know your source BUT it is normal to quote references when initiating threads like this. Watching it on TV with your interpretation does not qualify as factual!
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Bangkok-Chonburi tollway .

Post by BangkokButcher » April 2, 2012, 3:25 pm

I have spotted cameras (I presume they are speed cameras) on the Bangkok-Pattaya Motorway (highway 7) and Kanchanapisek (highway 9) installed for some time now, never spotted anything on the Bangna-Chonburi (Rt 34) Express Way though.

Fines, from people that I know have been issued with them, seem to be a fixed penalty of 400 baht sent direct to the registered owner. These are fine notices accompany camera images taken of the vehicle travelling at speed, but I don't know if they were taken from the above roads.

I think the story TB saw, may be related to the new RFID system on the Don Muang Tollway, which was due to start yesterday: ... 75469.html


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