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Re: Solar Power

Post by glalt » December 29, 2019, 11:06 am

I was a little concerned that my golf cart battery bank had a problem. In the mornings I noticed that my battery bank was discharged a bit more than 50 percent. So, out comes my Fluke meter. I discovered that two of my 250 watt panels were putting out nothing. I was dreading climbing on the roof to find the problem. After climbing the ladder to take a look but not going on the roof, I couldn't see any obvious problem. I went back in the house and finally discovered that the connection to my charge controller had a bad connection. I stripped both the wires, twisted them together and put them back in. Thankfully everything is now back to normal. I have each two panels wired in series for higher voltage, so each two panels have one positive wire going into the charge controller. Other than that, both systems have been remarkably trouble free. We have had no rain for quite a while so all the panels are covered in heavy dust but with twice the recommended panels they still keep the battery banks fully charged even on cloudy days.

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