Bank Holidays in Thailand for 2023

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Bank Holidays in Thailand for 2023

Post by JimboPSM » December 5, 2022, 5:04 pm

List of the official Financial Institutions’ Holidays in Thailand for 2023 (B.E. 2566) from the Bank of Thailand.

2023 Thailand National Bank Holidays:
1. Monday 2nd January - Substitution for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

2. Monday 6th March - Makha Bucha Day

3. Thursday 6th April - Chakri Memorial Day
4. Thursday 13th April - Songkran Festival
5. Friday 14th April - Songkran Festival

6. Monday 1st May - National Labour Day
7. Thursday 4th May - Coronation Day

8. Monday 5th June - Substitution for H.M.Q. Birthday & Wisakha Bucha Day.

9. Friday 28th July - H.M.K. Birthday

10. Tuesday 1st August - Asarnha Bucha Day
11. Monday 14th August - Substitution H.M.Q.M. Birthday / Mother’s Day

12. Friday 13th October - H.M.K. Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great Memorial Day
13. Monday 23rd October - Chulalongkorn Day

14. Tuesday 5th December - Royal Birthday / National Day / Father’s Day
15. Monday 11th December - Substitution for Constitution Day (Sunday 10th Dec)

BoT link: ... /2023.aspx

Currently 2023 has four fewer Bank Holidays scheduled than 2022.

It would not come as much of a surprise if one or more Bank Holidays are announced at a later date.


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