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Re: 10 Year Visa

Postby felixcat » February 17, 2017, 9:57 pm

Is it just me, my eye problems, or is this guy talking really talking some sort of twilight zone encripted language?
"would you stand there YELLING in immigration"...is PEANUTS in our personal economies", "I wouldnt give a monkey mate." (???), and " why waste energy let that "eat into you"....??
Sounds like "hold that anger inside, let it eat at you until you develope an ulser.
Just my thoughts

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Re: 10 Year Visa

Postby Nigglyb » February 18, 2017, 1:16 am

Liam Dale wrote:So.. would you stand there YELLING in immigration.. and LOSE your app.. it is PEANUTS in our personal economies.. as I said (sort of).. if they said.. 5k baht for an annual visa.. personally Nigglyb.. I wouldnt give a monkey mate.. pedantics.. why waste energy let that "eat into you".. really fella.. pay 3.1k.. and go visit Vince wife cafe for a really good yum yum.. and then home for a year.. :-0

Nope, sorry, I've read my posts twice now & have certainly not suggested anywhere I'd stand there YELLING in Immo. I'd like to think after years dealing with bureaucratic jobsworths that I don't lose my temper. Even more so in LOS because of the "face" nonsense.
Whether it's peanuts in our economy is irrelevant. There are prices for everything & like I said, I don't mind dropping tips when appropriate but to be charged treble is laughable but, hey, live & live, each to their own etc.
"Eat into me" is just a figure of speech, I'd wander over to NACC without a care in the world & bring the blatant extortion to their attention, then go back to continue the application & then go eat, maybe trying Vince's.
I've got a feeling in my water from previous visits to various official offices that just by taking the officers details would be enough to snap them to their senses before it got anywhere near a complaint
May the bridges I burn light the path in front of me

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