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Centara Hotel Udon Thani to reopen soon

Centara Hotel Udon Thani

Centara Hotel Udon Thani Logo

Centara Hotel and Convention Centre, which is adjoins Central Plaza shopping center in central Udon, is still undergoing major renovation and will be ready in March 2012.

The hotel renovations have expanded the number of guest rooms and suites to a total of 259. The rooms are being redesigned to offer international standards with stylish furnishings and brand-new bathrooms.

There will be 236 Standard, Superior, and Deluxe rooms, each with 32 square meters in area. The two Petit Suites feature 42 square meters of floor space, while the 20 Junior Suites have their own individual bedroom and living room within their 64-74 sqm. The Executive Suite on the top floor has one bedroom and one living room and offers a very spacious 128 sqm.

The restaurant, Ban Chiang, which is open all day, will serve local Issan cuisine along with international food. There will be a Chinese restaurant called Luk Fatt, this will serves Cantonese food in a modern style setting. The hotel will also host a karaoke lounge called @Tune.

Amongst the leisure facilities on offer, there will be a Spa called Cenvaree with six elegant Thai pavilions where private treatments will be offered to customers and guests, and there will be a newly fitted out fitness center with a yoga studio, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Centara Hotel & Convention Centre Udon Thani is located in the heart of the city’s commercial, shopping, and entertainment area, and adjoins Central Plaza, the largest shopping and entertainment center in the north-east of Thailand. The hotel is only a 20 minute drive from Udon’s International airport, the central bus terminal is within walking distance, and the train station is a 10 minute walk away.

Centara Hotels & Resorts is Thailand’s biggest operator of hotels, with 38 deluxe and first-class properties covering all the major tourist destinations in Thailand. A further 16 resorts in the Maldives, Philippines, Vietnam, Bali Indonesia, Srilanka, and Mauritius Indian Ocean, which brings the present total to 54 properties.

Cabinet approves 212 Million Baht Renovation of City Municipality

renovation of government building

Burnt out multiplicity building on right and Udon Thani governor on left

The governor of Udon Thani announced yesterday that the cabinet approved a 212 million baht renovation project of the city municipality in central Udon Thani.

The building was badly damaged by fire during government protests on 19th May 2010 and has stood unused ever since.

ครม.อนุมัติ212ล้าน ซ่อมอาคารเทศบาลนคร อิทธิพล ตรีวัฒน์สุวรรณ นายกเทศมนตรีนครอุดรธานี นำทีมนั่งเกาะติดที่ประชุมคณะรัฐมนตรี พร้อมชี้แจงการของบประมาณซ่อม แซมอาคารเทศบาลนครฯ ที่ถูกเผาทำลายในเหตุการณ์วันที่ 19 พ.ค.2553 และก่อสร้างอาคารหลังใหม่สูง 3 ชั้นเพิ่ม บริเวณอาคารสถานธนานุเคราะห์ ก่อนคณะรัฐมนตรีอนุมัติงบให้ 212.6 ล้านบาท

Foreigner arrested in Ban Dung on drug warrant

On 5 September, Thai police, in cooperation with the Australian Federal Police, arrested a British citizen at 99 M. 9, Ban Nong Wa, T. BanMuang, A. Ban Dung.

The 54 year old was arrested while sleeping in his home with his Thai wife. The arrest followed a series of investigations following court orders issued in Bangkok on 25 July and followed up by Udon on 5 September.

Foreigner Arrested in Ban Dung Udon Thani

Foreigner Arrested in Ban Dung on Drug Warrant

Australian Federal Police issued a warrant for the individual’s arrest on cocaine trafficking charges. The cocaine was allegedly obtained from Nigeria.

The man met his wife in Pattaya and subsequently married her in 2546 (2003). His wife claimed that he had worked in Pattaya as a cook and an electrician. They later moved to Ban Dung where they bought a piece of land and built a home. She said that recently her husband had been involved in purchasing/selling antiques to make some money.

Note: The individual’s name (in English script) and photo is shown in the link above.
Second Note: (not obtained from above link) The individual apparently had a pistol and marijuana in his possession when he was arrested. He has been transported to Bangkok for further questioning and will likely be extradited to Australia for criminal proceedings.

Translated from: … 0000112332

Huai Luang Dam Flood Gates Opening Up

Government officials have opened the Huai Luang Reservoir flood gates to compensate for extremely heavy rainfall. Areas that might be affected by the released water include areas around Kutjab, Udon city, A. Phen, A. Phibunrak, A. Sangkhom, and A. Phonpisai.

Huai Luang Dam Flood Gates

Huai Luang Dam Flood Gates Opening Up

For those interested in following the possible flow of water from the reservoir, you can use google earth and follow the elevation of the terrain from the reservoir (about 667′ above sea level) to the bottom of the soup bowl which is near the old Lotus which is about 570′. That doesn’t mean the water will flow in that direction, but it may an opportunity to see if the billion-baht drainage system that was put in after the 2001 flood does its job.

The ground where we live, elevation about 723′, is completely saturated. Any further rain in our area will go downhill.

I realize the elevation levels on google earth are not 100% accurate, but I’ve used a gps to independently measure the elevation in our neighborhood, and it was spot on. Other areas may/may not be the same.

Train-Car Accident Udon-Nong Khai

Udon Thani Train-car Accident

Train crashes into truck

The accident occurred at around 7:30 AM when a train hit a truck driven by Mrs. Phareeda (last name unknown), a teacher, and her daughter, age about 10. Mrs. Phareeda was driving her daughter to school when the accident occurred at a railroad crossing in Ban Dong Sapang (บ้านดงสะพัง/บ้านดงสระพัง), Udon (roughly mid-way between Naka and Udon. According to the article, it’s possible the driver of the truck did not hear the train approach (along with the accompanying loud train whistle). The driver was thrown from her vehicle but the daughter remained in the truck. Villagers from the area took the injured to the hospital. At 7:45 an emergency vehicle arrived at the scene, but by then the injured had been taken to the hospital.

Olivers Lakeside Udon Thani – Coming Soon!

Olivers Lakeside Udon Thani

Olivers Lakeside Udon Thani

The Bookhouse Cafe & Restaurant which recently moved from Adunyadet Road to Nong Sim park has plans afoot to re-brand itself.

The new name will be Olivers Lakeside to reflect more accurately the style it has developed into.

You can read the latest developments here: