Illegal rosewood seized in Udon Province

Forestry officials seized protected rosewood logs, or payoong, worth more than two million baht and arrested three suspects in northeastern Udon Thani province on Thursday.

Rosewood seized udon thani

Illegal rosewood seized in Udon Thani Province

Following a tip-off, a team  of forestry officials went to a bamboo plantation in Wang Sam Mo district  and found three men pushing a cart loaded with three payoong logs to a pond.

The three men tried to flee, but were apprehended.

Sixteen more rosewood logs were found stored in the pond and another 152 processed logs were piled up inside the plantation. The seized logs were worth and estimated two million baht in total, and the value would increase at least 10-fold if the logs were smuggled to China, said a forestry official.

The three suspects -Thanom Chaiprakhom, 40, Pon Supormai, 40, and Samlee Banlengsong, 35, all natives of tambon Wang Sam  Mo – have been charged with having protected timber in their possession without permission and colluding in concealing the logs.

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