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Foreigner arrested in Ban Dung on drug warrant

On 5 September, Thai police, in cooperation with the Australian Federal Police, arrested a British citizen at 99 M. 9, Ban Nong Wa, T. BanMuang, A. Ban Dung.

The 54 year old was arrested while sleeping in his home with his Thai wife. The arrest followed a series of investigations following court orders issued in Bangkok on 25 July and followed up by Udon on 5 September.

Foreigner Arrested in Ban Dung Udon Thani

Foreigner Arrested in Ban Dung on Drug Warrant

Australian Federal Police issued a warrant for the individual’s arrest on cocaine trafficking charges. The cocaine was allegedly obtained from Nigeria.

The man met his wife in Pattaya and subsequently married her in 2546 (2003). His wife claimed that he had worked in Pattaya as a cook and an electrician. They later moved to Ban Dung where they bought a piece of land and built a home. She said that recently her husband had been involved in purchasing/selling antiques to make some money.

Note: The individual’s name (in English script) and photo is shown in the link above.
Second Note: (not obtained from above link) The individual apparently had a pistol and marijuana in his possession when he was arrested. He has been transported to Bangkok for further questioning and will likely be extradited to Australia for criminal proceedings.

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