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Teacher arrested for selling drugs to students

A 32 year old college teacher from Udon Thani was apprehended by police on February 8th 2012 for selling methamphetamines to students. He was caught taking drugs with a parent and confessed trading drugs at the school.

udon thani teacher selling drugs to children

Teacher and Parent arrested at Udon Thani Police Station

The teacher had been a government officers for 6 years before he became a history teacher at college. He said he was not addicted to the drug and took it recreationally with students and parents during private lessons at their homes.

Udon Thani director of education said the teacher would be expelled from February 8th onwards. The case is being forwarded to the Udon Thani Mayor for consideration.

Japanese Tourist Scammed in Udon Thani

Udon Police apprehended two men from Cameroon after a Japanese tourist reported being cheated in a 50,000 Baht diamond purchase.

Japanese Tourists Scammed

Japanese Tourists Scammed

On 3 August Udon Police arrested Jean de Saint Facond Banollbango, age 43, and Ampelly Alex, age 41, both from Cameroon after a Japanese tourist reported he was cheated out of 50,000 on a diamond purchase.
The Japanese man, Mimatsu Reijiro, filed a complaint with police after he was cheated out of 50,000 in the purchase of a diamond(s). When Mr. Reijiro went to pick up his diamond(s) on the designated date, 11 July, the two men were nowhere to be found.
After police were notified, they coordinated with Tourist Police and Immigration officials and issued warrants for the two individuals and eventually arrested them.
Mr. Banollbango was arrested at his girlfriend’s home in amphur Kut Chap.
A police colonel said the circumstances of the alleged scam are still confusing and require further investigation. One of the suspects (Mr. Alex) admitted he was part of a gang dealing in counterfeit dollars. However, Mr. Banollbango said that the money was for a diamond purchase. Police will continue their investigation.
Mr. Banollbango has visited Thailand often and has a history of frequently entering/exiting Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

Udon Thani Police Crack “Love” Gang

Udon Thani Police announced the arrest of the “Love” gang (I’m not making that up) that stole more than 30 motorcycles. The kids, ages 12, 13, 13, and 14, had the word ‘love’ tattooed on their arms/legs. The kids were all from Amphur NaGlang, in Nongualamphu Province.

Motorcycle thieves

Udon Thani Police Catch Motorcycle thieves

Police were notified by a citizen that the gang members were riding around dirt roads near the ring road at Ban Leum, Udon. Once apprehended, the kids told the police they did not attend school and starting hanging around together. Before long, they longed for a motorcycle. After traveling to Udon by bus, they stole snacks from stores and slept under a railroad overpass.

One of the gang members had a master key that was used to steal the vehicles. Gang members would steal a motorcycle, hide it, and later drive it to NaGlang. According to the gang members, they did it for fun. The gang admitted to stealing more than 30 motorcycles. When the police went to the gang’s hiding place (for motorcycles), they found seven motorcycles.

The police suspect that the vehicles were perhaps exchanged for money or drugs. The police are investigating that someone else is behind the gang (my words: someone older), as they know that if the kids are caught, they will be released before long and not detained.

News source in Thai: http://www.thairath.co.th/content/region/182177

ผกก.สภ.เมือง อุดรธานี แถลงรวบตัวแก๊ง “เลิฟ” ที่เป็นเด็กเร่ร่อนเที่ยวตระเวนลัก จยย.กว่า 30 คัน เพื่อนำไปขี่เล่น แต่ตำรวจยังไม่ปักใจเชื่อว่า ตั้งแก๊งลักรถไปขับขี่เล่น เชื่อมีผู้อยู่เบื้องหลัง…

เมื่อเวลา 13.00 น. วันที่ 27 มิถุนายน พ.ต.อ.โกวิท เจริญวัฒนศักดิ์ ผกก.สภ.เมือง อุดรธานี พ.ต.ท.กริช ปัตลา รอง ผกก.ป.พ.ต.ต.ธราธิป เข่งคุ้ม สวป.สภ.เมือง อุดรธานี ร่วมกันแถลงข่าวจับกุม ด.ช.แม๊ค (นามสมมติ) อายุ 14 ปี ด.ช.บอล (นามสมมติ) อายุ 13 ปี ด.ช.แจ๋ว (นามสมมติ) อายุ 13 ปี และ ด.ช.แผน (นามสมมติ) อายุ 12 ปี ทั้งหมดเป็นราษฎร ต.ดงสวรรค์ อ.นากลาง จ.หนองบัวลำภู พร้อมของกลางรถจักรยานยนต์ยามาฮ่า มีโอ สีดำแดง หมายเลขทะเบียน ขวจ 633 อุดรธานี จักรยานยนต์ซูซูกิ เลิฟ สีน้ำตาล หมายเลขทะเบียน ฌ 5885 อุดรธานี รถจักรยานยนต์ฮอนด้า เทน่า ไม่ติดแผ่นป้ายทะเบียน รถจักรยานยนต์ยามาฮ่า แมท สีน้ำเงิน ไม่ติดแผ่นป้ายทะเบียน จักรยานยนต์ฮอนด้า เวฟ สีแดง พ่วงข้าง หมายเลขทะเบียน คขล 978 ชลบุรี จักรยานยนต์ฮอนด้า เวฟ สีเขียว คฉฉ 151 ขอนแก่น โดยแจ้งข้อหาลักทรัพย์