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Huai Luang Dam Flood Gates Opening Up

Government officials have opened the Huai Luang Reservoir flood gates to compensate for extremely heavy rainfall. Areas that might be affected by the released water include areas around Kutjab, Udon city, A. Phen, A. Phibunrak, A. Sangkhom, and A. Phonpisai.

Huai Luang Dam Flood Gates

Huai Luang Dam Flood Gates Opening Up

For those interested in following the possible flow of water from the reservoir, you can use google earth and follow the elevation of the terrain from the reservoir (about 667′ above sea level) to the bottom of the soup bowl which is near the old Lotus which is about 570′. That doesn’t mean the water will flow in that direction, but it may an opportunity to see if the billion-baht drainage system that was put in after the 2001 flood does its job.

The ground where we live, elevation about 723′, is completely saturated. Any further rain in our area will go downhill.

I realize the elevation levels on google earth are not 100% accurate, but I’ve used a gps to independently measure the elevation in our neighborhood, and it was spot on. Other areas may/may not be the same.