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No-vision Customer Care – Truevisions

No-vision Customer Care – By Steve Graham

Truevisions Udon Thani

Truevisions Udon Thani

I have just experienced the most frustrating period of time since arriving in the ‘Land of Smiles’ and thought I would take this opportunity to share it with you. Anyone who has had dealings with Truevisions will be able to understand the trauma I have just experienced and sympathise with the plight of anyone else caught in the same predicament as myself.

Once upon a time in a place far, far away (Udon Thani) a man used to have his UBC connection maintained by a shop in town. Every year, the owner of the shop would collect the money and the man from Udon would have 13 months of football and assorted goodies. Even though the quality of some of the programme deteriorated over the years, eight years passed and he was still on the Gold package allowing all Premiere League football games to be watched at leisure.

One day, the transmissions stopped. Nobody would answer the telephone and the bewildered man from Udon had to call the Call Center. This was the first mistake of the day! Is it me, or does it require a frontal lobotomy to work in one of these places? This is not a language barrier, it is like ordering Chinese food from the restaurant in, “Dude, where’s my car?” And then????????????????

Having spoken to two robots and got nowhere, I decided to go to Big C and ask at the counter there if there was anyone who could help. Time was running out as Chelsea were playing Manchester United the next day, so I was on a mission. Mistake number two!

The people there were nice enough; however, they were as effective as a chocolate fireguard. I spent most of the time with some one on the telephone who kept telling me that I had to call the Call Center. Would nobody actually listen to what I had to say? I did manage to find quite a few people who could tell me what I can’t do. Not one could tell me what I can do. A reflection of our times, I suppose. I was eventually told that if I wanted a new card, I would have to go to Central Plaza, so off I went. Mistake number three.

I arrived to find what I believed was the voice on the other end of the phone. And of course, no… you can’t get a new card here! Where can I get a card? Bangkok!

Time was ticking away and I had spent more than 4 hours getting absolutely nowhere. Every time I said something it was met with the word Ka. When I said that I wanted to do it, I was told I can’t! If I had hair on my head, I would have pulled it out. I was in pain, my life flashed before my eyes and so I gritted my teeth and paid for another month’s worth of Gold package using my old card, in the knowledge that at least I could watch the game the next day.

Do I have a new card? No! Am I any nearer solving the problem as to why I was cut off initially? No! Does anyone care? Of course not! I am now paying twice as much as anyone else on this planet for Truevisions. Mug!

I decided to write an email to the customer care department at Truevisions; however, my email was returned as the inbox was full. No surprise there then. So I am left to find a solution in the next 30 days otherwise I am back to square one again. To rub salt into the wound, Chelsea lost to Manchester United 3-1 the next day.