Beside Cows, Potatoes Fields and Big holes on the road.

Long distance relationships, mixed relationships etc...
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Beside Cows, Potatoes Fields and Big holes on the road.

Post by Renesmee » October 10, 2011, 10:56 am

Hi, I'm Sarah... This is my first time visiting my Auntie and there's no limitation of my stay here in Udon Thani. I'm originally from Chiang Mai . 100% thai. I'm on a break of spending a year working in Bangkok to find peace for my life but so far this is my 4th day here and it's way too peaceful. i spent last 2days helping my Auntie in Potatoes field which i never imagine i'll be digging cutting and sweating that much and today lets jut say that i cant move much.. pain.. and pain.. and those herbal whisky didnt help that much. So what am i doing in this forum beside complain about life..

I'm here to find a new friends here. i'm very funny, kind, straight forward and independent. I'm looking for someone i can chill with. drink with.. not crazy night out but great conversation with cold beers or maybe someone who wanna jump on the back of the old bike i borrow from my auntie and lets explore the city. Im staying in the small village called Baan Nong Num Kem which is the nearest internet cafe is about 12km. so if u somehow traveling around or living here and wanna get together u can text or call me at 0834363800. I'm not looking for anything special but something to replace the loneliness... or maybe.. some Adventures,trouble hahaha...

Oh... I'm Sarah... and i'm not a woman , so ladies will be a plus or someone who's openminded as i'm not looking for hook up sex.

Yes.... You really think this song is about you, don't you? so go on... if you think you are better... Bark.. Bark Louder... maybe whatever came from your mouth might hurt people's feeling but show what kind of human you really are.

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Beside Cows, Potatoes Fields and Big holes on the road.

Post by tamada » November 5, 2011, 10:47 am

Looks like the UM grumpy old men's club are lining up to get your number Sarah! There's another local forum that may have a few of the more liberal old farts as members.

Just logged in after a trip home... all looks a tad quiet up here compared to the daftness the farangee's in Bangkok seem to enjoy. Make the most of it I say... there's no shame in being a tattie rancher or spud barron.

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Beside Cows, Potatoes Fields and Big holes on the road.

Post by jai yen yen » November 5, 2011, 11:42 am

Better in Udon than Bangkok right now. :D

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