Best place to buy wet fish in Udon?

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Re: Best place to buy wet fish in Udon?

Post by kopkei » May 13, 2017, 7:08 am

360 / kg , and exactly stated as above by Eagle
Works out to be 620 / kg for the 2 fillets
so it is 260/kg baht extra to filet the fish?...
i bought several times a whole salmon , last one how ever was last year at a price of 220 baht/kilo , they have told me if they filet it ,it would be same price as sold by piece , so i filet the fish myself at home , how ever suddenly the price of salmon has gone up a lot , i think we bought cut up pieces for 490-540baht kilo...also the tuna has gone up a lot ..
freshness in makro about fish not exactly the place to buy ,bought 2 times the thai blood mussels (hoi kaeng) whom we had to trow away after cooking because smelly...tops and villa market ? way to expensive , to me they can open 10 of them i still not visit them , outrageous prices ...for all other fish better buy them alive at any thai market .. ;)

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Re: Best place to buy wet fish in Udon?

Post by wazza » May 13, 2017, 10:59 am

Its 360 / Kg for the fish whole - No available in local Thai markets

After filleted, I weighed the 2 large fillets, the 1805B for the fish divided by the weight of the fillets etc

Works out to pay 600 odd / kg for the fillets. which is less than 50% the cost of Villa / Tops.

Sushi/ grilled / Yum / poached so far and a great bargain for people who like Atlantic salmon

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