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Post by valentine » November 7, 2006, 3:30 pm

lee wrote:That's an interesting way at looking at things LA. You're quite correct, Thailand is very expensive to the locals living here. It must be a real struggle to live on under 200 baht per day. Three small beers at one of the local pubs would cost a days wages, makes you think doesn't it! No wonder why the 69 baht korean BBQ's are so popular.
Sure Lee, but being logical if the place can buy it, cook it, serve it and still make a profit on 69bht then it can't cost anymore than 50bht to buy and eat at home? Still cheaper!!

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Post by Doc » November 7, 2006, 5:05 pm

The 69 Baht Korean BBQ requires you to cook the food yourself. It is also all that you can eat.

They buy in bulk - which means that they get the food cheaper than individuals - unless you want to go to the early morning meat and vegetable markets at about 3 in the AM. They have something like 6 or 7 restaurants around Udon.

They make their money on quantity - i.e. number of customers.

Doubtful that you can feed one person at home all that they can eat for that type of money. This is true after you factor in trips to the store, storage, food waste (food not used / cooked that goes bad in the fridge) cooking costs and clean up costs.

Having had a TW - I strongly supported her going to the different stands to buy her food. It was a hell of a lot cheaper than turning her lose in the grocery store. She could eat for 30 Baht and have enough for a half a meal or snack later.

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Post by Dakoda » November 7, 2006, 5:22 pm

Yes, it is cheaper to eat at the stands, well a little, chicken 20 to 30 baht, sticky rice 10 baht, plus pop open one of my 3 large leo's for 105 baht, and I am happy, well maybe after the second leo.

Sure beats those places selling a very small leo, and have the balls to charge 65 baht. What is that 225+% markup. :shock: and for what the view, I don't think so. They get me once, but thats it, no return for me, since I can find tons of places where the food is good and a large leo is 40 to 60 baht.

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Post by BKKSTAN » November 7, 2006, 7:37 pm

:lol: We eat 80% of our meals at home because my wife likes to cook and I like her cooking.Plus she trims,bones and cleans everything very very well!

I estimate our costs for food are at least twice as much as eating out.Food products costs,including fresh fruits and vegetables, are about the same as America.

Eating out is much cheaper because of low labor costs and low rent.

For those that prefer falang food most of the time,I guess their food costs must be much higher :)

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Post by Dakoda » November 7, 2006, 10:32 pm

I guess I should also say after spending 1700 baht at Tesco, we still have nothing to eat for dinner. I stay away from the veggies there, except for celery and apples, can't get either at market.

What has not changed much is the markets, where we get all are veggies and fruit. Been spending about 300 baht a week there, since I can't remember.

Eating at home is cheaper for dinner :!:

Boy, this site sucks :!: Talk about slow.... or no response....

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