Cystoscopy at army hospital?

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Stanley Road
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Cystoscopy at army hospital?

Post by Stanley Road » November 13, 2018, 8:48 am

Im booked in for one and absolutley dreading it lol. I know they can be hit and miss in terms of pain. Some people report its nothing, others say its awful. I opted to go with a mild general anesthetic which apparently puts you under just for 30 mins or so. Has anyone had one at the army hospital? The urologist doc seems barely old enough to have a pint and it makes me wonder how many of these he has performed. 10 grand roughly - compared to around 15 grand at Bangkok Udon. Wondering if BK Udon might be a safer bet?

Sick to the back teeth of all this now! Loads of hospitals and urologists, scans x rays CT scans blood and urine tests and not one of them has any clue what is wrong. Been told prostatitus by one doc, then a UTI by another. Ine doc suggested it might even be 'mostly in my head' I sware i wanted to punch him on the nose lol.

Anyway, ranting. Anyone had one there? Is it grim?
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Re: Cystoscopy at army hospital?

Post by hairyharry » November 13, 2018, 11:10 am

I've heard if you are hung like a donkey it doesn't hurt a bit whereas if you're a needle dick it's agony. Hope that eases your mind.

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Balthasar G.
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Re: Cystoscopy at army hospital?

Post by Balthasar G. » November 13, 2018, 1:21 pm

Don't fret. The horror stories that you hear are from yonder years.
I've never undergone medical treatment at the Army Hospital but I've had 3 cystoscopies in Europe over the last 20 years. All without anesthesia.

The first one, about 20 years ago, was pure hell. After I had it urinating was very painful and I kept peeing blood for the rest of the day. About 10 years ago I had another one which was about half as painful as the first one.

When my urologist told me 2 years ago that he wanted to do another cystoscopy I asked him to be anesthetised. He replied that this would not be a good idea since he would have to make preparations for that. This meant that I would have to come back at a later date and in view of his busy schedule that would mean that I would have to be placed on a waiting list.

He assured me that things had changed tremendously over the last few years and that the tube that they are using now is considerably thinner than the ones that they used in the past. He also said that it would all be over in just a minute or two.

This all proved to be true. It wasn't a walk in the park but quite bearable and could not be compared to the previous ones that I had. No after-pain and no peeing blood. And since you will be anesthetised I can assure you’ll be quite OK.
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Re: Cystoscopy at army hospital?

Post by Jello » November 13, 2018, 5:20 pm

Had one over 10 years ago in the US. No anesthesia, just some type of numbing jell put on the tube going in the urethra.
Uncomfortable but not really painful. Could feel the scope moving around in my bladder which felt weird but not painful. Don't worry, it doesn't take long.

Good luck, hope it's nothing serious.

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