Farrang Market?

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Post by valentine » November 10, 2006, 7:48 am

Paul wrote:Beautifully put as always.!

And as always : some people complain when you don't moderate and some people complain when you do !

And some people complain when you do both !
Thank you for the compliment Paul. It was wasn't it :?:

Looks like you can't win either way so the answers simple, do neither :lol: :lol: Have a good day :wink:

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Post by Dakoda » November 10, 2006, 8:22 am

Paul wrote:Perfect - just perfect !

"where Can I buy tea in Udon?"

The reply :

"I don't know but I know where you can buy pineaple in Loei "

Welcome to Udonmap.com.
Always bang on topic :):):):):)

This section is for discussion about Udonmap sponsors - can we please keep it that way. Perhaps your question about tea would have been better placed under the 'shopping' forum ?
I also was puzzled by the tea question, but since I am not a editor ....

being on page 4 or so, seems to me like the topic had switched to Loei (with pictures to boot) :!:

Go figure; I said to myself, maybe they (the city of Loei) are a sponsor of UdonMap, and the pineapple is worth the short trip Just like the cantaloupe in the oppsite direction is also worth a little longer trip :lol:


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Re: Farrang Market?

Post by southern belle » November 10, 2006, 11:44 am

[quote="ray23"]Anybody think there is enough business here for a f
arrang market or is what we have now enough I am new to this forum and have been living in Thailand 2 years now. As a woman and having a passion for cooking I thought I might add to this discussion. I have been buying good products from the Import/Export shop in Nong Khai. It's located on the right hand side of the highway just before you get to the Friendship Bridge. Big sign over the business. They are getting more in all the time. They seem to have a variety for everyone's tastes. For us Americans, taco shells, jalepenos, refried beans, avacado, black and green olives (pitted), yellow cheddar cheese, great smoked bacon and ham ( I bought 350gm for 96B.) Also a good selection of herbs you cant find anywhere else. For our UK and German friends, Cumberland and Bratwurst sausages, chutney, fresh bakery breads daily and lots of salami, gouda and even fresh parmesan cheese. Also a variety of meat pies, steaks and delicious cod fillets. Also has some lamb chops and a good variety of canned veggies, ect. If you don't want to divide a large can of an item with friends, he has small amounts vacumn sealed. Jim and Brad have bent over backwards to order this lady from the south whatever she is craving.!! Hope this helps ya'll!

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Post by Prenders88 » November 10, 2006, 8:02 pm

Thanks for the info on the Farang Deli.

What do they sell that you can't get in Tesco's?

Welcome to the Forum \:D/

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Post by southern belle » November 11, 2006, 7:36 am

Thanks for the welcome, the last time I was in the Udon Tesco I don't remember seeing any pickles, olives, chutney,and farang herbs; but, I haven't been to Udon in awhile. Maybe I need to check it out.

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Post by aznyron » January 1, 2007, 11:05 pm

I am not the person with this knowledge but I have a friend in Pattaya who open the rich man poor man hotel and bar and serves good food mostly italian he get all his stuff from BKK I have had a simple egg on roll for b/f and it was good reminded me of home in new york city so I assume if you really want to do some thing like that you can find it here I ate in marias in silom bkk near the holiday inn delious food and they make and import it all over thailand there mozzerlla cheese give it a shot I think you will be successfull amen

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Post by Paul » January 2, 2007, 5:39 pm

Pattaya, New York, Bangkok ...............

Aren't most members on here in UdonThani ????

And by the way - this is the thread for Udonmap Sponsors. I do not recall the Rich man Poor man hotel in Pattaya being a sponsor of this site !

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