Fully equipped 1993 Suzuki Caribian SJ413 GB13b - ready for a long distance adventure

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Fully equipped 1993 Suzuki Caribian SJ413 GB13b - ready for a long distance adventure

Post by KaFoomaN » October 28, 2016, 12:59 pm

Amazing little car we are regretfully selling due to an unforeseen change in our plans to drive from Thailand to the United Kingdom. Has had significant work done to make her a very reliable car and capable for a long distance journey (have loads of receipts for the work done).
She is a tough old bird that can basically get you anywhere without a problem, the front seats recline back to form a bed if you feel like a rest and the dark window tint adds additional privacy and security.
She has duel fuel (petrol and LPG) - LPG is cheaper to run on and produces less emissions and a dual range gearbox to help get you out if you ever get stuck.
Has a roof rack/cage for additional storage and a tough shield/plate protecting the fuel tank underneath.
Comes with blue book and purple book (car passport) rego + tax paid until mid January - registered to Bangkok
Cosmetically she is a bit rough around the edges with a little bit of rust here and there and a couple of tears on the interior which is befitting of its 23 years on the road, but mechanically she is A1 - All work has been done professionally
Engine was overhauled/rebuilt in January as well as the suspension bushings replaced.
In August/September (less then 5,000kms ago) we had more work done to it preparing it for the long planned trip ahead including:
New clutch and fly wheel
New brakes and hand brake
New wheel bearings
New 31" Tyres (4x Maxxis Bighorn 31x10.5 R15)
Heater installed
New quick start starter motor installed
Window seals replaced
Radiator flushed and replaced with anti-freeze
1000W pure sine wave power inverter mounted and installed under dash
Sale also includes camping/ outdoor gear, majority of which we've bought brand new and have only used a couple of times or is still unopened:
Tent (2 man, Dome),
2x sleeping mats
2x pillows
2x 10L metal petrol/jerry cans
portable gas stove and loads of spare gas cartridges for it
crockery, cutlery and cooking gear
storage containers
20 Litre water storage tank with tap dispenser
fully stocked tool box
spare car parts ( fuel and air filters, fan and alternator belts, fuses etc)
'Breakdown kit' - emergency hi-vis triangle, Hi-vis vest, Tow-rope
Fire extinguisher - still new unused
Hatchet/axe and Hand saw - still new unused
2x tarps
watering can - (for showers whilst camping)
Loads of spare ropes
Also fully wired in is a 1000 watt pure sine inverter (provides stable charge for laptops and other electronic devices)
plus much more...
Note - spare tyre on roof in photo's is no longer available (needed the space for the smelly petrol cans)

http://www.asiasold.com/view/fully-equi ... 13b-273022

We are currently in Udon Thani for a couple of days-
please email: linden.forrest@hotmail.com

160,000 Baht Ono
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Re: Fully equipped 1993 Suzuki Caribian SJ413 GB13b - ready for a long distance adventure

Post by Bails69 » November 2, 2016, 7:09 am

Still for Sale. Currently out of the country but will be back on the 8th of next month.
Interested if still for sale

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Re: Fully equipped 1993 Suzuki Caribian SJ413 GB13b - ready for a long distance adventure

Post by ForSale » December 11, 2017, 8:55 am


Still for sale?

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