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Gas BBQ Thailand - (Sponsor)

Post by pienmash » August 25, 2012, 9:28 pm

KB_Texas wrote:I agree 100%. It is very substantial, and I do believe it will be working long after I bid the mortal domain farewell. ;) This thing is by far the most massive grill I have ever owned, and I have owned a few! It takes TWO people to move it!

Heh, works for me Mash! ;) Maybe next Sunday so I have some time to work with it and understand the finer points to it. Mine is the all charcoal model as I am a fan of the smoky flavor imparted and the direct heat of charcoal.

You bring some strip steaks and ale, and I will provide chicken, prawns and corn. I guarantee you that you will not leave hungry. ;) I am STILL full after eating 2 hours ago! But it was just too good to stop. :D

A great idea for a future Sunday KB ,,, i promise i will behave myself but dont know about Dao as if she sniffs a bar towel she gets giddy .. i love bbq s n good piss on a sunday ,,, about 2/3 weeks lets do it dad !!

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by BobHelm » October 8, 2012, 3:46 pm

Doc I just had to say thanks to you & Sawitta for the BBQ that you delivered to me.
It is, without doubt, the classiest piece of BBQ equipment that I am ever likely to own.

All I have to do now is get used to cooking on it... :D
However if the results are not up to scratch then this workman certainly will not be able to blame his tools.. :D
My only concern is that with the Thai 'winter' swiftly approaching I am sure it will be impossible to get near enough to it to turn the steaks. :D

Thank you again & hope to see you again soon..

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » November 17, 2012, 8:47 am

Two more wonderful testimonials from our fine, Quik-Fire, customers...enjoy.

Hi Doc and Sawitta

Re: SS Master Deluxe 4n1with Rotisserie deluxe +.

It was only the other day, when a friend opening a new 5 star hotel in Phuket was astonished at the quality of our BBQ, that I realized that I hadn't got round to thanking you both for your help to A my wife and I.

Your help in advising us which model to get and your after sales advice was pleasantly welcome. It was obvious you wanted us to be happy with our purchase.

We have had our BBQ since the end of Jan 2012. It sits on our deck exposed to the elements overlooking the sea in Kata, Phuket. It is as pristine after 7 months as it was the day we eventually opened it up.

It was so well wrapped up! And heavy. The quality is astonishing. You only need to buy your BBQ once as it will never wear or rust out. It cleans easily and looks fantastic.
A quick wipe over to remove leaves, water marks and it fires up every time. An heirloom!

We use ours as an oven as well as a BBQ, and it is the only method of cooking we have.
You took ‘A’ round the factory when she visited Udon Thani and as I haven't been back there, I haven't seen you, though I want to share a beer or 2 with you when I do.

The beer chicken holder works so well and quickly. Our friends are fascinated by it.

The rotisserie has so far been only used to cook a couple of ducks each time which come out beautifully brown and basted. We plan a suckling pig soon!

The sausage holder really works well. On Sunday I am cooking 200 sausages for an event we are having on the beach and I know they will all be brown and cooked through beautifully.
Not blackened and pink in the middle.

I occasionally put a water bath between the pumice coals with very fatty foods to minimize flaring. As the heat is so easily controlled we can cook directly or indirectly.

Pizza cooked from scratch works very well on the plate. We turn off the middle burner and the lid acts as an oven. It is very well insulated and the wooden handle is a nice touch.

We use it in the rain and even when it is blowing a strong wind we can use the BBQ.
We sometimes have to move it under our sala to stop us getting drenched but that is no problem as the wheels are heavy duty castors and it moves easily.

My telephone number is 0800 525 585 and if anyone in Phuket wants to see one in action, please pass it to them. I want you to be as successful as we are happy.

I am proud of my purchase and love showing it off. Just lifting the lid, shows people the quality.

Everyone is amazed at the weight and engineering that has gone into it. Something hard to find these days.

Best wishes
Phil and A Hadley
Kata, Phuket


RE: SS Master Deluxe 4n1, w/Rotis, same model and accessories as previous post.

Hi Doc,

All good, mate, postee just told Ning we have a LARGE delivery waiting.
Should of seen the Mrs eyes light up when I told her we can cook suckling pigs on this bad boy, might start with something a bit simpler till I get the hang of it thou...
Will let you know when all set up and finalized...

I fired it up and cooked beer in the bum chicken with baked veggies and steamed veggies in the wok.

Just need to get the cooking times coordinated when cooking more than 1 thing because I had my girls straining at the bit to get to the chicken.

We had the full option baked dinner with baked veggies, steamed veggies and gravy cooked with the juices.

Best bloody chicken we have ever had and I must say the best baked dinner I have ever cooked, and I've cooked a few.

Now just trying the sausage grilled with some Issan snags.
I will forward some pics when I have time.

1-Peter's pictures.JPG
2-Peter's pictures.JPG
3-Peter's pictures.JPG
4-Peter's pictures.JPG
5-Peter's pictures.JPG

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » November 21, 2012, 10:58 am

Quik-Fire 6 Burner Stainless Gas BBQ/Hotplate Combo:

For those wishing to own a high performance ‘quality’ stainless Gas BBQ/Hotplate combo for their steak house/bbq restaurant, the Quik-Fire Stainless BBQ/Hotplate Combo is for you!

Hand crafted to your size requirements, with ‘fast’ high pressure bullet proof heating performance.

Don’t limit yourself; in the morning offer your customers a delicious steak/sausage/bacon & eggs breakfast with all the trimmings.

For lunch and dinner; BBQ steaks, lamb chops, seafood, whatever you care to serve for your later day menu.

Here’s another, Quik-Fire, tip:

When in Udon Thani, or on the Net, check out, Chern Chim quality foods, offering what some say the greatest variety and best custom/imported meat products in town.

The Chern Chim Aussie sirloin steaks and huge size tenderloin portions will amaze you, delicious aged flavor, and ‘tender’! ... Lip smakin’ good, mates…

Now, let’s view the, Quik-Fire, BBQ/Hotplate combo: Chern Chim purchased two of these units!

Further information, direct contact;
1-Quik-Fire 6 burner BBQ-Grill.JPG
2-Quik-Fire 6 burner BBQ-Grill.JPG
3-BBQ-Grill Combo.jpg

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » January 12, 2013, 1:48 pm

Hi, Guys,

As sponsors of udonmap, thought you may care to see our new, Quik-Fire, gas bbq products brochure.

Quik-Fire Gas BBQ's, best quality and customer service, with in-country factory direct pricing, to boot.

A variety of models and accessories available; if interested mail:

Thanks and enjoy,
AAA New Brochure both sides Sept 2012.jpg


Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by KB_Texas » March 10, 2013, 6:37 pm

Hey Doc...I just wanted to thank you for the very nice Sear Insert you made for my charcoal grill! It works beautifully! Thank you very much sir!!!

I am adding a few pics of the Sear insert in action, searing off some of Jon's famous Wagyu steaks! If this doesn't make you hungry, you are a vegetarian. ;)


Note: this grill is almost one year old...other than needing me to do a good cleaning on it, it is still absolutely perfect!
The insert
Charcoal fired up and almost ready to cook
Charcoal fired up and almost ready to cook
Grate in place and ready to go...
Does a nice sear on those Wagyu steaks!
Finishing them off on the moderate heat side. THEY WERE EXCELLENT! ;)

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by Polleke » March 15, 2013, 12:36 pm

Those steaks look delicious!

And Doc, I still need to praise your excellent service provided last week Sunday!
It took you less than an hour to send a service man to our house to clean the burners after we found out that a spider family domesticated in the burner pipes while I was working in China.
Get this: problem solved within a hour after I asked you for advice, on a Sunday!
Now that's what I call extremely good service. Another positive case of TiT :-)

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by American » March 15, 2013, 6:58 pm

I had the privilege of meeting Doc for the first time this past week. I wish we had met years ago. One of my favorite hobbies is grilling and smoking meats... and eating too! :D

Several years ago I purchased a Char-Broil gas grill at Home Pro. It was a nice one, but not stainless like the Quik-Fire Gas BBQ. The grate was ceramic coated, but it didn't take long for that to start bubbling up and flaking off. After a LOT of use, the grate was too corroded to cook on. I had taken it out and sanded it down before but that just sped up the rust. It was so bad that I only grilled meat on the top cooling rack.

That's where Doc comes in. I had been looking to replace the grate with a stainless steel one for quite a while now, but didn't know where to go. I had actually asked a stainless shop that welds fences to make me one, but they couldn't (or wouldn't) do it. When I showed Doc my BBQ grill, he agreed to make me a grate, and a few days later, he came by to deliver it. It fits perfectly, has handles so I can take it out and clean it, and is very heavy duty. I imagine it will outlast the BBQ grill itself. I couldn't wait to try it out, so that same day, I grilled up some steaks and shrimp. With my smoker box and Mesquite chips on the grate, we ate good.

I've been in Udon almost 12 years, and I've met very few people as personable as Doc. He's a great guy, and I'd highly recommend his products if you're in the market for a nice BBQ grill. Stainless steel is the way to go. Who needs a tetanus shot after a steak? No more grilling on rusty metal. Get a quik-fire!


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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » June 30, 2013, 12:36 pm
Email -

Here are just a few samples of feedback/testimonials we have received from our fine customers.

Peter H. recently received his new, Quik-Fire, SS Deluxe, gas bbq in, Chiang Mai.

Hi Doc,

Picked up, took home and unpacked the grill this afternoon. A thing of beauty, as I'd anticipated from the photos. The top closes like a bank vault and the grate is beautiful and fits precisely.

Possibly out of superstition, or just not wanting to feel like a fool, I'd avoided buying anything to barbeque, lest the grill not function. After the burn in I went up to the local Lotus mini mart and since they were out of fillets, got chicken mince, 32 Baht.

Put Cajun seasoning on a couple patties on the back burner and in 20 minutes some of the best chicken burgers I've had in my life. Somewhere between grilled and baked, juicy but light. I've got a lot to learn about heat levels, and keeping the top open or closed. Great fun...

Thanks for everything, Doc. You're knowledgeable, a craftsman, and a man of his word.

All best,

Another from a good man and his family…

Hi Doc,

The SS Master Deluxe Barbecue and the Heavy Stainless Plate Half Griddle that i brought from you is superb.

The barbecue is built like a tank, it is constructed of top quality stainless steel and the way it is engineered and its looks are outstanding.

The barbecues performance is first class too. The three powerful burners are easy to control from low heat settings to high.

The heavy insulated hood is superb which enabled us to use the barbecue as an oven and we enjoyed doing some baking.

The griddle plate is very heavy and will obviously be brilliant for cooking; once the plate is hot it will retain the heat for a long time thus allowing easily controlled cooking temperatures.

So far we have had the barbecue for three days, yesterday was my son's birthday and we had many friends come around and we enjoyed cooking for them on your superb barbecue, Doc.

I would like to thank you Doc for all the help you have given me, things such as a copy of the shipping document and postal tracking number, pictures of the barbecue wrapped up and securely strapped to a pallet for shipping, and for the phone call from you today asking if everything is okay with the barbecue and if i am happy with it.

Best wishes,
Bob Klasnic

Chris is a Master Helicopter Maintenance Specialist, he understands quality equipment.

Hi, Doc,

My new, SS Master Deluxe BBQ, was hassles, no damage, everything was perfect.
The boys helped me take it to my house when I got back and I just love it!

Everyone was impressed with the workmanship. So far, steaks and pork chops but today I am going to try pizza, calzone style, so I can drop off one at my girlfriend's workplace tonight!

Anyhow, Doc, couldn't be happier with the unit or with the service you and your staff offered. Many thanks to everyone up in Udon Thani! Bye for now.

Best Regards,
Chris Dingey

Quik-Fire will be giving away an accessory, or two, this summer with the purchase of selected bbq models.

Attached are a few, Quik-Fire, product pictures you may enjoy…

Give us a shout; love to hear from ya…

Happy days to all…
Doc & Sawitta
H.P. Burners capped.jpg
H.P. Burners flame on.jpg
SS BBQ-Grill Combo.jpg
H.P. BBQ Grill Combo.jpg
SS Signature.jpg
SS Deluxe 4n1 w-Rotis.jpg
SS Deluxe.jpg

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » January 5, 2014, 3:58 pm

Hello to all Barbecue lovers...

As we enter, 2014, we at, Quik-Fire, wish you all a healthy, safe, and prosperous, New Year.

At the same time, we wish to thank all the folks that gave their support to us in 2013; for purchases of private bbq’s, resort stainless kitchens, and other commercial enterprises both in Thai & LAO.

Last, but not least; we must not forget our very kind customers that were so good to post through the year positive comments and pictures in various forums throughout Thailand, the, Quik-Fire, bbq’s they purchased in the past.
Thank you all!!!

Below you’ll find a few pictures, letters of thanks, and testimonials from our fine customers.

To begin with, a factory picture of some stock bbq’s being readied for the 2013 holiday season.
Picture 1.jpeg
This is from the very nice family of, Bob, Fai, and Bobby...

Hi Doc,
I hope you and your wife are keeping well.

We held a small party on bobby's 7th birthday on 11th December.
We cooked some food on the superb barbecue that we brought from you.

All the food cooked perfectly and was delicious.
We cooked chicken breasts, pork steaks, pork ribs and potatoes in their skins.
All our guests enjoyed the food cooked on your barbecue Doc.

So far we have used your barbecue on Bobby's 5th, 6th, and 7th birthday parties.
The barbecue is still perfect and looks brand new from the outside.

Best wishes,
Bob, Fai and bobby - Pattaya
Picture 2.jpeg
Picture 3.jpeg
Below are a few words from, Graham, and pics of the Sala built specifically for his new, Quik-Fire, 3 burner SS Crown counter top, and bbq entertainment area.

Have started the BBQ first time Doc (please congratulate your staff for a job well done, everything started up as it should).

The wife already has gone out to buy meat to try the BBQ this afternoon, so will have to try some cold beers as well --oh dear what a pity

Graham - Phitsanulok
Picture 4.jpeg
Picture 5.jpeg
Glen MacPherson, Director of Photography, for many of the great movies we’ve all enjoyed, including; Rambo, Walking Tall, Behind the Lines, 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis, The Three Musketeers, Pompeii, etc., etc., with numerous international credits to his name. Very neat guy...

A couple pics of his Thai holiday home bbq balcony with his new, Quik-Fire,3 burner SS Crown and High Pressure single burner stove top - Chiang Mai...
Picture 6.jpeg
Picture 7.jpeg
Ernie Draper - Udon Thani - Assistant General Manager, DSG - Thai/Lao
New Year party for, DSG, with Ernie’s new custom, Quik-Fire, SS Grand Master...
Picture 8.jpeg
That’s about it for today folks, more testimonials and pictures to come in later posts...

Best wishes,
Sawitta, Doc, and the, Quik-Fire, team...

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by Aardvark » January 5, 2014, 5:31 pm

Lovely Pics Doc, Happy New Year to you and your Family, and the very best for 2014 =D> =D>

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » April 27, 2014, 2:32 pm

Hello to all Barbeque lovers and those who find interest in our, Quik-Fire, long standing udonmap bbq posts.

We feel a man’s bbq should be an extension of himself, and we have done our best to make it so.

After years of engineering and design development, our new superbly crafted high quality, high performance, multi-functional', fresh out of factory 3 and 4 burner, Quik-Fire, very sleek looking gas bbq models will be hard to beat for style or durability. Along with, having our original thick double walled insulated tops that add a baking/roasting Oven to your bbq.

If desired, additional features are in the works; lower storage rack, pro side wok burners, beautiful stainless rotisserie sets, along with a multitude of accessories, and add-ons.

Today is the first showing of our new, Quik-Fire, multi-functional traditional style bbq’s; some have referred to as, stainless works of art.

In the near future we'll have more pictures with more add-ons properly dressed for our, Quik-Fire, websites.

Thanks for taking a look...

Best wishes to all,
Doc & Sawitta
1-Super Dlx 3 -Super Dlx 4 - new streamliner gas bbq's.jpg
2-Super Deluxe 4 burner interior..jpg
3-Super Deluxe 4-50-50.jpg
4-Super Deluxe 4 burner w-full bbq grate..jpg
5-Super Dlx 4 hinges-stops.jpg

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by Aardvark » April 27, 2014, 5:49 pm

You just don't stop do you Doc. Innovation, Engineering and quality control of the highest standard =D>

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by papafarang » April 28, 2014, 3:53 pm

i've seen them in the flesh, epic BBQ's on these ones.
the world is not my home, I'm just a passenger

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by LilRed » April 29, 2014, 9:26 am


Saw this, and thought of you and the lovely Saweetha...

My grill is goin strong w/o failure, lo, these many years... A fine piece a work.


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Quik Fire Gas BBQ Thailand - A Review

Post by ajsp9 » July 17, 2014, 3:38 pm

Well, I wanted to post a big thank you to Doc and Sawitta for manufacturing and supplying me with a fabulous new stainless steel BBQ.

My request to them was to provide a bespoke piece of equipment (which I hasten to add, I don't think they normally do, especially when busy!), to suit our needs. The result, was superb and I attach an image of what was supplied. We are well chuffed and cant wait to fire the old girl up.

The communication, level of service, speed of delivery and accommodation of my requirements were all superb and I cant speak highly enough of the company. I can recommend them as others on this forum and existing customers have already done so.

Thank you Doc & Sawitta

Dr. James
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Quik Fire Gas BBQ Thailand - A Review

Post by Dr. James » July 18, 2014, 3:17 am

Doc has always provided high quality products and stands behind them as well. I have a gas bar-b-que grill and a customized smoker. I am extremely satisfied with both. The smoker was a great addition. Each time I am in Udon, I fire up the smoker for great ribs and pork sholder. Could not be more pleased

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » July 18, 2014, 6:41 am

Tomorrow, Sat 19, is a big food and bbq event at, Chern Chim Choice Foods. Tel: 042 241 138
A number of locally crafted, Quik-Fire, BBQ's/Smokers will be on display.
For, Chim Chim, customers who attend this event and purchase or order any of the Quik-Fire overstock models on display tomorrow will receive 1,000's in free top quality Chern Chim meats of their choice.
Come join us, sample some great dishes prepared by, Chern Chim's, new international Chef, drink a few pints, and check out the BBQ's, a fun time for all...
1st promo @ Chern Cim...jpg

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Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » July 18, 2014, 6:54 am

View previous post for tomorrows big, Chern Chim/Quik-Fire BBQ, event. As well, don't forget to check out previous page, 9, for an abundance of pictures and feedbacks of the finest made hand crafted BBQ's in Asia.

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Quik Fire Gas BBQ Thailand - A Review

Post by docta » July 18, 2014, 7:13 am

by nkstan »
Best one made in Thailand and possibly anywhere is made in, Udon!! Call Doc at 087 863 8651

Quik-Fire Bar-B-Que's
by glalt »
The Quik-Fire is probably the only BBQ in Thailand that has service AFTER the sale. The meticulous workmanship and the use of welded stainless steel rather than screws and bolts guarantee that this very high quality BBQ is likely to last longer than the owner.

I'm speaking from experience, I own one. You have to remember that you get what you pay for. My wife had a fit when I bought mine because of the price. She has now forgotten about the price and admires the ease of use and dependability.

by redwolf »
I agree with the other gents in here, I have the Quik-Fire Master Deluxe I think it's called, 3 burners, griddle, heat meter, etc. etc. and it's been perfect, we've had over 20 people at parties and grilled sausages, burgers, steaks, for hours on end, and it gets the job done as best it can be, -excellent results with the meat, excellent.

Being able to close the top for a minute when melting (feta & cheddar!) cheese on top of stuff, baking potatoes, all the better. I fry eggs on the griddle, toast, etc. as well for brunch & it sure beats having to go to a restaurant with my friends & waiting forever for second rate service, this thing cranks out large volumes of well cooked food like a champ....

Fun too! And not a spot of rust or wear & tear and I've had the thing for a couple years now... VERY SAFE & looks good, which matters, as the patio looks pretty sharp with it out there...

Mine looks like the one below (I got the image off their site) except it has a griddle too...


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