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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » June 20, 2010, 7:11 pm

The good reviews keep rolling in from Quik-Fire's customers and friends.

Doc, I am over the moon with bbq u sold me have it worked out now cooks sensational . Have had many feeds since purchased from u . Would like to thank u for all your help and professional service that u provided. Will call in for a coldie at some stage when I have some spare time . Take care and thank u again .
REX WILLIAMS - Australian mine Super., living So. of Udon Thani.

My deepest apologies to, Doc, the BBQ individual of Udon, for not maintaining the wee bit of maintenance, which I'll break out that green pad and clean things up, after cooking the rest of the weekend.
In case you missed my previous praising of his and wife's fine product, I use it for all things grilling, besides lasagna, baked beans, pizza, cakes, pies. Though it will take some getting used to temp, it can get very hot, so start low.
It's the BEST THING I BOUGHT HERE. Just decide if you are going to use it, I did, and haven't regretted it........EXCELLENT PRODUCT.
LA - Long time Udon Expat

Thanks for the thoughtful kind words, fellas, much appreciated.

Our best,
Doc & Sawitta - Quik-Fire BBQ's

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by jimboLV » July 21, 2010, 2:51 pm

I finally got around to getting one of Doc’s legendary barbecues, and believe me, it’s all it’s said to be – and more. This thing is a work of art, a fine piece of equipment. I have missed barbecuing since coming to Thailand, as I used to do practically all my cooking in the states on the BBQ. I was an equipment design engineer for part of my previous life so I know how to recognize well designed and well built equipment. Doc showed me around his shop and I could see that he is using top of the line materials, 304 Stainless on practically everything; all welded construction, not bolted together, and the weld finishing is first rate.

I ended up with the deluxe model with insulated cover, as I was interested in using it as an oven. I used mine in the States as an oven but the cover wasn’t insulated and I could just feel the BTU’s going out into the air. I started out doing the standard grilled chicken, ribs and burgers and they came out just fine. But I was most interested in how it would perform as an oven. I baked some lasagna, a broccoli casserole in Bechamel sauce, and roasted a chicken. They came out perfect. The heat control is a little touchy, but once you get to the right temperature, it stays there and the heat is even throughout the entire grill, no hot or cold spots that I could tell.

The real test of any oven is how it does baking bread. So I whipped up a yeast bread batter (after a couple of failed attempts to capture some Thai wild yeast for sourdough) and once again, the bread came out perfect. Many bread recipes say to turn the bread during baking because most ovens have uneven temperature distribution. I didn’t bother turning mine and placed two loaves in different parts of the oven. They both came out evenly baked.

So I am a happy camper on this one. I would highly recommend Doc’s Quik-Fire, especially if you want to upgrade your Thai kitchen to do some baking. You will have a superior oven and also a first class barbecue grill.

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by Aardvark » July 21, 2010, 4:28 pm

I love a Happy Ending =D> Oops 8-[

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » August 3, 2010, 8:58 am

More good stuff from our great Quik-Fire BBQ customers.

Hi Doc,
Just a quick message to tell you that our BBQ arrived safely this
morning at Sisaket Post Office and now resides, rather splendidly, on
our back patio/cooking area.
We're both very pleased with the BBQ - beautifully crafted and solidly
made, it just speaks quality and longevity.
I must also congratulate you on the quality of your packaging - it
really puts other suppliers to shame.
Thank you so much for your team's efforts - your business deserves the
great reputation, and we wish you ever increasing success.
Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial to your
business if you wish.

Kind regards,
Robin & Nang - Sisaket

More, from, Buriram....
Happy Quik-Fire recipients in, Buriram..jpg
Happy Quik-Fire recipients in, Buriram..jpg (64.15 KiB) Viewed 5410 times

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by Kool4Kyle » August 23, 2010, 10:25 pm

I've just had the most rewarding experience since moving to my new home we call Udon Thani
I need to thank the friend that introduced me to the "Master of Creation" we know as the Doc, I have no doubt that anyone who has had this pleasure and had the Doc create their BBQ knows what I'm talking about.

Now us Aussies have a pride in our BBQ's that is second to none and sitting down to describe everything you would like your "Barbie" to do, how she should look and how she should function was not a problem for the Doc in the custom design work

Living in Udon was probably an advantage for me as the Doc invited me the workshop at a step in the development which just left me wishing she was finished so I could fire her up.

Having the Doc agree to create your "Barbie" is like the experience of having a commissioned work of art done.

But now she is finished and all polished and dressed up, I'm not sure weather to fire her up and burn her in or just leave her as a center piece of Art created by the Master.

I thank you Doc for the privilege of the journey so simply "Thanx Mate"

To anyone who is considering a purchase take the step and talk to the Doc you wont be sorry, the quality and workmanship is not something you will find anywhere else in the world in a BBQ, but then you also have the advantage of meeting a real Artist in Design and a Great Man.

Now for the skeptics you can feast your eyes on my "Barbie" on the Quik-Fire website shortly to see her in all her glory or if you are lucky the Doc may just add a couple of photo's of her on this thread (as I don't know how) to tease you until the website is updated

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by ronnoi » August 24, 2010, 12:18 pm

Where can I find Doc's shop???

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » August 25, 2010, 1:49 pm

Hello, Ronnoi, this is, Doc, thanks for inquiring.

In next post I'll upload pic's of the Q mentioned in previous post, page 7.

As we are factory direct and primarily web based, there's no real need for a retail shop, this keeps end costs down.
We sell our Q's as fast as we can make them, as each Q is individually hand crafted.
When we're fortunate enough to have a bit of stock, it is kept at our home in a display room.
For the local guys that drop by, we'll often take them to factory for a look-see at Q's under construction, if our home stock is low.

I'll PM you with map to our home, inside Udon.

Thanks again, Ronnoi,

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » August 28, 2010, 7:11 am

These pictures are in reply to the wonderful post made by our customer, Kool4Kyle, on this page, where you'll find other great feedback posts.

These pictures are of our most popular model the, SS Signature TT, (Table top), with Rotisserie.
In this case, the 4 burners were relocated to the front of bbq rather than having two burners on each end, as seen in our website,, 1st page by clicking on picture, SS Signature.

We'll be uploading multiple pictures of this, "front mount", SS Signature TT, to our website shortly.
This is the 1st public showing.

The, SS Signature TT, is a great 100% stainless, all around Hybrid bbq where no stones, or brickets are needed.
A stainless stand, where gas tank can be placed within the stands lower level, is available where no counter is available.

This is a unique, very beautiful, high performance, hand crafted Barbecue.
You'll not find an import bbq close to the quality, or performance, of our line of hand crafted, Quik-Fire, Barbecues.

So, here we go, enjoy...
Signature TT 1.JPG
Signature TT 1.JPG (62.98 KiB) Viewed 5195 times
Signature TT 2.JPG
Signature TT 2.JPG (82.71 KiB) Viewed 5195 times
Signature TT 3.JPG
Signature TT 3.JPG (92.02 KiB) Viewed 5195 times
Signature TT 4.JPG
Signature TT 4.JPG (61.6 KiB) Viewed 5195 times

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » September 19, 2010, 6:21 pm

This picture is from a super nice couple, Craig & Maew living in, Chon Buri. They've recently finished their beautiful home placing their, SS Crown Deluxe 4 burner, in their outdoor cooking/entertainment area.
I called, Craig, today to do a routine follow up, Maew answered, she sounded so young I asked her if her Daddy was home, oppps, their was a pause in her voice, oh, your Craig's wife. Yep, lucky guy ;)

A word, and picture from, Craig:
I wanted the BBQ by the pool...but wifey pointed out she does all the cooking and wanted it in the back. Fine with me. That BBQ is the one made here in Thailand. It's awesome.
Craig & Maew Thompson Crown 4.JPG
Thanks, Craig, for your mail, and kind words.

My best,

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » October 4, 2010, 4:58 pm

Another very nice feedback sent to Quik-Fire today from our super customer, Dave.
Dave purchased two bbq's, the Signature TT, and a custom Charcoal SS Master Deluxe.
Thanks, Mate.

Hi Doc,

Well what more to say but absolute quality.

My BBQ's are the envy of all who have set eyes on them. As you know we had a
special area built to place them on and they look a treat. The build quality
is great and as others have mentioned they will (with loving care) last
forever. The Charcoal BBQ has gone down very well with the Thai contingent
of my family and I have had a field day with the SS Signature, cooking all
sorts. Us Brits are infamously bad with Barbeques but these are easy to use
and control and I haven't burnt anything yet!

As for Quik-Fire, well again great service, from initial contact, through
consultation on requirements, regular updates on the build progress and first
class delivery with plenty protection for the units during transportation.

A very well deserved pat on the back from a very happy customer, who has
spread the word to all.

Many thanks to you, Sawitta and all the team up there in Udon


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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by gougouluxembourg » October 6, 2010, 1:56 pm

Which gas do you recommend for the grills ? Dupont or Dunhill. ;)

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Testimonial: Quick Fire BBQ Grill - Master Deluxe SS

Post by LilRed » November 25, 2010, 11:51 am

Finally got around to buying one a Doc Adam's Quick Fire BBQ's...

After some discussion with Doc, and checking out the factory, I went for the Master Deluxe SS...

We've used it 6 weeks now. Works great. The high pressure gas cooking station is fantastic. The insulated top with thermomteter and triple fire tube design allow steady control...

Only one thing: Doc, reckon I could get a Farenheit thermometer?

I highly recommend Qucik Fire. Quick Fire can do custom BBQ designs and does full on commercial kitchen designs and construction...

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by jimboLV » January 19, 2011, 4:28 pm

Another plug for Doc’s Quik Fire barbecue. Our new house is finished, well almost finished at least enough that we could move in. So last month we moved to Amnat Charoen so I have now joined the ranks of carpetbaggers here on the forum. :D

Word had spread that the crazy farang that built a house with flush toilets and heated showers was bringing along a “super barbecue” so we were met by a gang armed with buckets of live, fresh caught fish. It created quite a sensation. The BBQ was hardly off the truck when I was pressed into giving the ladies a short course in how to control the heat and before the truck was unloaded the fish had been packed in salt and were roasting on the grill. Picture attached, and there were at least three more loads of fish done up all done to a turn. I lost count. We all spent the rest of the night eating fish, sticky rice, Som Tam and drinking Leo. Nothing like the taste of freshly caught grilled fish and there wasn’t a scrap left over. I hate to think how long it would have taken to grill them on one of those charcoal bucket things.

Doc a suggestion, you should out the Quik Fire logo on the front, that also says “Made in Thailand” as a few thought I had brought the grill from America. Also I really appreciated the tie down loops in fact the BBQ anchored the rest of the load. So another success story. Well done Doc!

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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by docta » January 29, 2011, 8:30 am

Another supportive commentary from our very good mate...

Hi Doc,

Glad to see he's followed up with you, he was pretty excited yesterday
after I showed him the workmanship on the custom SS you did for us, he
mentioned to me at lunch today that he has showed a few guys the website
and told them to come see the ones I have in store, so he's saying to
expect some more orders coming in.

Jason ended up cooking lunch and dinner again last night on his, phoned
me again this morning all excited...

Doc always glad to help mate, particularly when you have such an
excellent product, great service and just an all-round great guy, I
might get some pamphlets off you when I come home next time.




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Re: Gas BBQ Thailand -

Post by lumpuk » March 13, 2011, 8:12 am

Well Doc,
It has been two years since I tangled with you over a BBQ.
After having some heavy BBQ period, I thought you would like to see how your Master Deluxe BBQ is standing up to the strain.

I attach some photies for your perusal.

It is almost as new.

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