Highway 210 Adjustments

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Highway 210 Adjustments

Post by parrot » January 5, 2017, 12:52 pm

Work has begun on various sections of Hwy 210 from about km 10 (away from Udon) on the way to Nongbualamphu. You can see various areas where turn-around lanes are being added. I believe they will install a center medium, with turn around lanes away from the intersections (where there seem to be the most accidents). The work is due to be completed by 2 April......the company will be fined 40,338 Baht for each day beyond the contract date. (The sign in the photo tells about the construction in the Nongwahsaw area.....there's a similar sign around kilo 10 that addresses the Udon (city) portion of the highway.)

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