Info for 300-820-801 aussie visa

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Info for 300-820-801 aussie visa

Post by bluejets » February 2, 2017, 6:45 am

Anyone have any experience with the above visa entry arrangement in to Aus.
Friends of our are a bit confused with the Aus gov. immig. web site( understandably)
When my wife and I did ours, it was via the 309-100 route.
Checked the gov. website but as some will know, it can run one in a complete circle at times with zero or no answer result.

With the 309(temporary)-100(permanent) there was the one overall fee, all-be-it a fraction of what it now is 5 years later.

My wifes friend is here on a 300 visa initially(marriage visa) and then one has to apply for an 820 (temporary) and then after approx. 2 years (yeah,,,best of luck there) apply for an 801(permanent)
Query was the cost.
When checking it refers to a certain fee for the 300 and then the same fee again for the 820-801. So wondering if anyone knows is this the one overall fee or a double whammie.??
Cheers ...Jorgo

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