License plates for big bikes

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License plates for big bikes

Post by panick » April 20, 2012, 11:39 pm

I've been 'Running the gauntlet' here for years!!!
Honda 400cc Steed (customised) ... No Tax, plate or insurance ... but the construction (not import) tax is paid!
Yamaha 400cc Dragstar (straight-thru pipes) ... No tax, plate or insurance ... have loads of paperwork for it which I keep copies of in the side panel for when I get stopped!
Suzuki 1400cc trike (registered!!!) ... No tax or insurance but it's got a green book!
I live and work here (It's 17yrs before I get a pension) and regularly go thru up to 8 spot checks per week!!
I've not had any fines for about 2yrs???? .....
Tip 1 .... Always wear a crash helmet.
Tip 2 .... Don't look at the police when you ride thru (eye contact will get you stopped)
Tip 3 .... Don't race off at high speed and try to avoid them.
Tip 4 .... If they flag you down and you're illegal .... slow down and do a 'fakie!' ... slowly pull in as if you're gonna stop and at the last sec. pull out and ride off ....
Will they try to stop you? ...
Yes, If they can try and kick you off! ....
Will they chase you? ...
No, the police budget can't afford the diesel! ....
Will they shoot you? .....
No... They have to have an order from high above to use firearms ... and ... each bullet they discharge they have to pay for out of their own wages between 22 and 30bht
Tip 5 .... Never pay more than 200bht for any offence that you might have committed (unless you're drunk! ... 3 to 5000 in the courts!)
I hope this makes sense to some people as I'm I'm tad drunk because I've actually got two days off!!!

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License plates for big bikes

Post by Stevo » April 21, 2012, 2:25 am

Spot on Nick!! =D>
The worse I've ever had from doing a road block 'Fakie', is have a clip board thrown at me... Ouch! :lol:
Don't do eye contact... always wear a lid... don't stop unless you have 200 Baht ready to spend.

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License plates for big bikes

Post by Ricohoc » April 21, 2012, 8:46 am

panick wrote:I've actually got two days off!!!
You should have called me to ride.

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License plates for big bikes

Post by fatbas***d » April 21, 2012, 10:07 am

Re Panicks post the only thing that makes sense is Tip 1 .... Always wear a crash helmet.

The rest is a load of Bollocks: I have had cops chase me in pick up going thru a red light (unintentionally).
I have seen a cop try and shoot tires out on a Thai chaps VFR 400 on a ride to kao yai. many years ago but it happened.
(it works in movies only)
Why not keep legal and obey the rules? works far easier over time.

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License plates for big bikes

Post by dwa1950 » January 6, 2015, 10:09 am

Hi there , first post here ....I have a Honda x4 1300 which has no plate , but the relevant paperwork . I have been told of the differing prices of obtaining a green book , but I have also been told that this could be a non official one as in a fake .....I am thinking of selling this bike and bringing in a Honda Varadero from Scotland , but a friend of mine here in Udon has showed me the new Triumph prices and also some of the Yamaha prices , both of which have dropped especially the Triumph prices.....
This is really a way of saying hi to other bike minded people ......Hi ....

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