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Post by ajarnudon » November 23, 2016, 4:21 pm

Thanks for the responses guys. I have read a lot of your build Maaka, and I am aware of the type of problems you speak of. And of rice farmers who become part time builders to make a quid on the side. About 12 months a new cottage started springing up opposite the M-i-L's place in the village (a local owner-builder). The roof had just gone on and, being inquisitive, I walked over the road to have a look. When I came back I asked the missus if the guy was a farmer. I picked it in one, and told her to make sure that he doesn't come anywhere near our place when we start to build. I am prepared for downtime at Songkran, harvest time, new year etc. and can accommodate that.

Barney, I have read all of your build over the past few weeks, following it with interest. My small block (732 sq m) is in the village of Ban Thueam (hwy 2021), probably only 15 kms as the crow flies, and 15-20 mins by road. Hi, neighbour. I have a permanently rented house in Udon, but work in Nonthaburi (yes, a teacher Maaka). I will be back in Udon for the first two (long) weekends in December. Barney, have read your PM and would like to catch up sooner rather than later. Although I have been an Udonmap member for five years, I have only just started posting, and with only 8 posts to my name, I can't respond by PM. By the way, how many posts do I need to be able to PM? Barney, if you could send me an email to johnmounsey at I would like to make contact and arrange a visit.

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Post by fhorst » March 26, 2018, 11:40 am

Like many farrang I like to get a house build.. but how to find a good contractor!!!

I live about 15 km from Phen, towards Laos.
The people I found till now..(local farmers who think they can build) . no good at all!

Budget is depending on quality.. max 1.5, 2 million
That is including the "extra" expenses..

About 8 x 12 meters, 2 floors.
No shade... isolation must be good..

I can not PM. Don't know why.. (already sent an email to

All real help would be fantastic!


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Post by Made in MT » May 14, 2018, 7:14 am

My Thai wife and I just bought 2 ngan on land in Ban Koh, about 15km north of Udon Thani on highway 2021. We're trying to locate a local contractor to excavate the property. Mostly just removing tree stumps and clearing / leveling the site for building. We'll probably need some fill dirt as well. Can anyone recommend someone who does good work and reasonably priced?

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