Monthly Chiropractor visit changed to Saturdays

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Monthly Chiropractor visit changed to Saturdays

Post by nkstan » June 27, 2015, 10:15 am

Beginning Saturday July 25th,Dr.den will come to Udon Thani.This is a change from Thursdays to accommodate his family needs and teaching schedule.The charge is 1200 baht which is less than half(3000 baht) what is being charged in Bangkok,plus traveling & accommodation charges.

The idea of maintaining a lower charge here while Dr. Den incurs the traveling charge was to grow a base of customers having monthly 'maintenance' to prevent serious sublaxations causing intense painful immobilization and the need for emergency treatment,not to mention the massive health benefit of maintaining good body alignment that works wonders for a life with less minor & major pain issues!

We have had ,in the past,as many as 18 -20 people per visit,which had made the situation a viable profit option for Dr.Den to continue making monthly visits,Most of these people needed immediate treatment for acute problems,most received immediate relief,some needed a few more treatments to reach their ultimate goal,a couple didn't having their hopes and expectations met and one incurred additional pain in his neck do to a communication problem,several persons with longstanding painful problems without out any prior success from many trips to medical practitioners and institutions,had fantastic recovery from Dr. Dens treatments.

There is a base of 5 people that show up for every visit.Which means that 6000 baht is available each month to support the Doctor,which is only half of what our original agreement was to get him to make the trip,although he has graciously consented to come several times for the base group,his practice and family needs are challenging the viability for him to continue coming to Udon.

So,some changes are obviously needed!

First change will be to accommodate his schedule:change from weekdays to Saturdays and hopefully get more people to do 'maintenance visits without having to raise the 1200 baht charge!

Second considered change will be to raise the costs for those that are not into 'maintenance visits',probably to a sliding scale downward depending on their past number of visits,efforts they have extended with referrals and communication support,past and future or whether they are customers that only want emergency treatment and contribute help in no other way than payment.

Bottom line is we need to do whatever is necessary to make sure the monthly visits continue,which means a minimum 12000 baht is needed per visit!
A minimum 10 customers per visit.There is no greed involved here,No one wants to raise the fees for anyone ,regular customer or not!We only want to insure that we maintain our monthly Chiro visits and treat ourselves and the good doctor fairly !

I live in Nong Khai and age is creepng up ,physically,much to fastr.limiting my ability to get the word out in person,so anyone that feels an interest in helping to insure we keep our monthly visits continuing and can help,it would be appreciated.The making,posting and handing out flyers to friends ,social groups(golfing and expat etc.) and business establishments on a regular basis would definitely help.Thanks and feel free to call me with suggestions,commitments ,ideas etc.,0875509925

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