Chiropractor visit on May 1rst,CANCELLED

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Chiropractor visit on May 1rst,CANCELLED

Post by nkstan » April 9, 2014, 7:19 pm

If you are interested in seeing the Chiropractor,call me at 0875509925 and I will try to arrange a visit date that suits the majority,if I have at least 10 people !

If I don't get enough calls,I will be dropping my participation and someone else can take on the chore if they want it to continue !

i'm tired of spending my time soliciting customers,don't mind taking and scheduling appointments!It seems that most people want to wait until the last minute to call,which stresses me out as I feel a responsibility in making sure there are enough people scheduled to make his trip worthwhile.Last month,only 5 people showed up,didn't meet expenses and the time and effort for driving!It was bad enough that he was willing to come for only 8 people,then 3 cancelled.

Dr.Den has gotten quite busy with his clinic and Gov't employee contracts,so if you want to keep him coming,you regulars need to get out the word to make sure their are at least 10 people showing to support the effort!

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