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Post by Robert » January 9, 2007, 9:36 pm

Interesting on the prices. What would you pay per rai for land on which you could build a house which is within a village near Nong Han ? The land has electricity.

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Post by BKKSTAN » January 9, 2007, 10:51 pm

The price of land in Thailand is basically what someone is willing to pay!
When I moved to Nong Khai,I thought that I would build on the Mekong river! As I had visited several falangs that had done so,I found that the prices were increasing year to year dramatically because there were very few sellers at anything close to the prices that these individuals had paid for their land.5 years ago,the average price on the river was 500K a rai,with some asking ridiculous prices of up to 5M a rai.3 years ago ,the same size plots were selling for over 1M a rai!We searched and searched for high ground land right on the river,finally we found a plot of 2.6 rai right on the river that we bought.When we bought it,a lot of people reacted that the price was to much,that they know where we can buy land cheaper etc. etc.!Of course they are right because there is a lot of land ,but nobody is interested in buying it ,therefore what is it really worth ,ZERO!

A Thai friend of mine bought a rai of land for 1M for a rai on the outside fringe of the city.Everyone said he got robbed as there was land around there for 100-200K a rai.But he built 10M house compound that similar type houses across the street and he is comfortable with the whole deal.

As far as I am concerned,the only land worth buying is land that will increase in value in the future!That land is city land or in the case of Nong Khai,city and Mekong riverfront land!All other land is stagnant as far as appreciation is concerned!

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Post by redbeard » January 10, 2007, 3:25 pm

where we have land at `wung tong` they grow gum for paper it keeps regenerating by itself .about 4-5 years a crop, big job to reclaim the land but wages are cheep enough to do this ,good thing with gum it can survive on little rainfall

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Post by PopsIcafe » January 10, 2007, 7:16 pm

Know of some land about 12 kilometers from Udon Thani, going towards Khon Khaen, they asking 330k฿-350k฿ for it, half a rai (200 talawa). Mostly rice land out there that I have seen.

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