Pricing in Adverts

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Pricing in Adverts

Post by kopkei » June 4, 2016, 7:05 am

well , now 3 years later , looks like nothing has changed about advertising your products mentioning not only whats available in your shop but also mentioning the price of the items ( for resto's , menu card?) ,
i did also not change in my view on this , advertisements without price are quickly ignored by me , as i am presuming they are too expensive , otherwise you would have posted your competitive price too?, as to the argument price of imported goods changing too much and unable to post prices? , i am sure that your imported goods (container)will not be sold in a few day's , so the price will stay the same and if for any reason not,not only discount , price do go up it is quickly mentioned on your advertising source ...what i do have noticed is that prices in udon, surely of imported goods have gone seriously up (local products not so much at all) , not due to the exuberant government import tax? , this case i do make an exception on my 15 year old rule , never comparing prices with abroad , only within los , because to me it must still always be cheaper in thailand as in my home country,so i will not pay for goodies when they are more expensive here than abroad...(with some exceptions)
i am only stating my view and opinion on this and not target anyone ...
the most important is however that you are happy as buyer and stay happy...enjoy your shopping .... ;)

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Pricing in Adverts

Post by hairyharry » June 4, 2016, 10:10 am

Incorrect, out of date adverts also totally devalue the business. If a business owner can't be bothered to keep advertising information up to date, then I can't be bothered to go there.

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Pricing in Adverts

Post by grievous » June 4, 2016, 12:55 pm

I'd never expect a business to advertise with every products price. For me when business advertise with the slogan "bargain product X" or "best value X in town" then if that is the case show the price.

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