Isan Real Estate's Home Project Property of the Week

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Isan Real Estate's Home Project Property of the Week

Post by IsanRealEstate » November 26, 2016, 4:08 pm

This property has the real potential to add income and excellent capital gain if you're prepared to outlay a little extra? ... -property/

The opportunities with this property are endless! Whether it be solely for investment, a business venture, a personal home with instant income generated monthly or renovating to your specifications. The property has 12 x 1 Room + 1 BTH rental units semi-detached, each returning 1,200 THB per month (fully occupied at time of listing), a 2 Storey home with split level ground floor incorporating 3 BRMs, 2 BTH, Kitchen, Patio with Stainless steel seating, a Massive 13 Mt x 8 Mt covered/ventilated workshop, large area within the boundary for use as parking, extra buildings or whatever you can dream of?

Admittedly, the home and property would need some capital injection, possibly 150,000 THB, to improve current features however, if the investment and renovations were done, it could be used as your personal home, whilst maintaining the rental units, or as a further rental house. If renovated well, a monthly income of 14,000+ THB per month for the house alone would not be unrealistic.

Combine the two rental options together, a monthly income of 28,000 – 30,000 THB/month is quite easily obtained. If you decide to reside in the house, then income is automatically generated from the remaining rental units. Our estimates suggest, if both were rented, a rental yield of approximately 7% is quite possible to obtain. That is by far better than bank interest!
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