Land Urgently Required

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Land Urgently Required

Post by IsanRealEstate » December 20, 2016, 9:08 am

Hello all,
We would like to extend an invitation to those who may have Land for sale.
The criteria is:
Within 5 Km's of Udon City centre, vacant land (no buildings), fencing would be an advantage.The land itself must be well presented, above water level and if possible a foundation pad already laid in good area. Land size is not an issue only the proximity to Udon City. It will be an investment for future years growth potential and or development.
We have a keen buyer who would like to finalize a contract before December 30, 2016.
We will not mention the price range at this stage but would welcome replies from members or viewers with a description and location of the property. GPS coordinates would help immensely! Please, we ask for genuine sellers with market value prices. Isan Real Estate "will" appraise the property and if suitable contact you for an appointment. We ask that you read the above criteria before submitting any property. Land only please at market value price. Higher than realistic prices will not be considered.
We would sincerely like to assist our genuine buyer and hopefully sell your land if suitable.
Please PM this thread or email

Thank you in advance for your anticipated replies.
Isan Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Working with you, not only for you.

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