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Re: Tor Bor question

Post by Stevo » June 6, 2017, 7:26 pm

fatbob wrote:And it all goes back to the land office in Udon, not the local village chiefs,
Incorrect... if this is Por Bor Tor 5 land, it is owned by the Government and not under the jurisdiction of the Land Office unless it is in the throes of being upgraded to Chanote title.

@ Maaka,
If papa or your missus has a problem with the Pu Yai Baan (head village man), they can go direct to the Orbador and sort it with him. The Orbador is between the Pu Yai Baan and the Tessaban and it is his job to do this. If you need the contact details of the Orbador for your area, PM me your exact location and my wife will sort it for you (she does this stuff quite often and has contacts).

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Re: Tor Bor question

Post by maaka » June 7, 2017, 8:39 am

Thank you my friend for your kind offer of assistance.

UPDATE: we had been told ( though I was weary and voiced it ) that my missus name could go on the Tor Bor Ha slip, not title deed or charnote, as this land doesnt have that, but has a small slip of paper to record the size, and name of person who has USE of the land. They use to pay a tax but not anymore..I wanted the use, and hopefully our name on the slip of paper..we will never be owners unless the government upgrades the status. however, its the use I want, for farming, and to create another income for missus and wee son, and the price for useage suits our pocket. its not a lease, its not for sale, its money for the right to use.

We paid a deposit, but felt uneasy about the future name change, so the missus told the lady we are dealing with, to go tessabaan and have her name, instead of her papas name, put on the paper, ( papa is 90 and could kick the bucket before settlement date ) and when we pay full price next year we can change names to us.. it was a test, before we handed over anymore dosh.. The missus was miffed I wanted extra land before finishing our house.. but heck they asked me to buy a bull of drunk sister to help her, and when where are we going to graze it...?

The tessabaan said no can do, according to the lady, who is not up with things, just an old then I said ok we need a contract with the family (as well as the purchase agreement ) to be signed by all the family to say they are giving over to us, and that they will not take it back, and further, will help us in the future when time is right to change tthe names..the old lady had spent the deposit so no getting it back, so work with what I had..

she was ok with that, so with guidance I got the missus to draw up a contract overnight, which is no good to nobody but our two families. it doesnt give ownership, only stops the other family from kicking us off after papa dies and the bun fight begins,,

Yesterday before we had given her the contract, she showed up.. you no when trouble is afoot when they dont look at you in the eye...She had been to the ex village chaIrman ( son now chairman ) because she was worried over this coming contract, apparently which the chairman has to sign as to me....he said dont sign anything until the money is all paid...ok no problem dear. dont worry..

From that I assume the chiarman has no problem with the swap of land user, and indeed, when the time comes to pay the full money and he is there to witness it, we shall ask for the name change...failing that Stevo I will come back to you.

I wanted to keep below the radar, but others have let things slip, but we should make it..fingers crossed,,we are both old families in the hood and that has some sway if the chairman wants our vote next time round..

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Re: Tor Bor question

Post by tamada » June 8, 2017, 10:02 am

Good luck maaka. It is all a bit of a minefield IMHO.

With regard to inappropriate land use, this may be related but following the Supreme Administrative Court's revocation on June 1 of the Agricultural Land Reform Committee’s order to allow the use of natural resources in areas under land reform for any purposes other than agriculture, PTTEP (the exploration arm of PTT) have had to suspend oil, LPG and natural gas production from their S1 Project that covers areas of Sukhothai, Phitsanulok and Kamphaeng Phet provinces. ... bI9w%3D%3D

Notably, the DMF (Department of Mineral Fuels) who ultimately license and permit exploration and production onshore and offshore in Thailand, is "in the process of assessing the impact in order to contemplate a mitigation plan."

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