Win10 startup "ran into a problem" fix.

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Win10 startup "ran into a problem" fix.

Post by fredwilliams » November 19, 2017, 5:38 pm

Taking a leaf from Bob's very helpful public "all matters-IT book", (i) if you know you are, (ii) have reason to believe you might be or (iii) just want to find out if you are COLOUR BLIND, MicroSoft has partially come to the rescue.

The Indian gentleman in the YT vid fills in the part that really SHOULD have either come with the Win10 download or have followed VERY soon after as a Win Update.

The "ran into a problem" startup screen with the BIG sad :( , really IS purple and NOT blue, but fruitless searches on GoogooGaga WILL point you towards a blue screen solution that is NOT the answer (as much as it looks it might be!)

This chap will have you resolved, restarted and running within approx 5 mins, bless him: [youtube][/youtube]

Tomorrow, I'm going to treat TTW and I, to a chicken jalfrezi recipe I picked up from a Brummy drive-in balti chef THIRTY odd years ago. Oh, yes indeedy. TTW is wanting very much to eat x3 the amount that I can.

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