Poor, Poorer and Poorer Still

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Poor, Poorer and Poorer Still

Post by parrot » December 1, 2017, 6:07 pm

I'm confident that my wife didn't marry me for my money......40++ years ago. We joke today about those early days of being 'poor', a valuable lesson to us in appreciating the value of a few coins rattling in our pocket.
So, last night we were yakking about degrees of poor......I told my wife that, when I was young, I considered our family poor.....6 boys, a factory-working dad and frequent holes in the bottoms of my shoes. I commented that my degree of 'poor' was nowhere close to her degree of 'poor' (father died young, no electricity, no source of income other than what was earned on a small piece of land). She piped up, 'when I was young, I never thought of myself as poor. We always had food to eat.'
So I asked her who she considered to be poor when she was a young village girl. She said there were several kids in her village that relied on the dregs of the monk bowls for their daily sustenance (unlike those who eat the leftovers for blessings' sake). She reminded me that back in those days, monks in her village were lucky to get enough to eat themselves.......so leftovers were not very (if at all) appetizing. But when that's the only food you get, you eat it.
So, now I have a new appreciation for the word 'poor'.

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Re: Poor, Poorer and Poorer Still

Post by ytrewq » December 1, 2017, 6:22 pm

Poverty is relative.

The best time/place to be poor is amongst other poor people. As your wife correctly stated, one does not "know" one is poor while around other poor people. One could actually be happiest when poor for a laundry list of reasons.

On the flip-side, the worst time/place to be poor is amongst wealthy people. The wealthier they are, the more one "KNOWS" one is poor. Most are most miserable and depressed in this situation.

Just life's observations...

...and someone had a job in your family and parents (plural?). You are disqualified from the poor game on those alone. Compared to my upbringing, for example, you had it GOOD!

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Re: Poor, Poorer and Poorer Still

Post by jai yen yen » December 1, 2017, 11:52 pm

What is the definition of a rich man? I would say it is someone who is happy and content with what they have.

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Re: Poor, Poorer and Poorer Still

Post by Hoopoe » December 2, 2017, 6:28 am

Interesting post this one , Poor by definition for me is the person defining who is poor , ( compared to Who )for me ,one parent family , i left home at 15 , put myself through an Apprentiship first then onto other education ,whilst holding down a full time job ,in the early day's my wage just covered the rent on bed sit i lived in, so food ,clothing ,electric etc , i had to find ,(this was in the Hippyish day's ) I look back and realised i was just surviving basically day to day , BUT this was a fantastic ,happy time of my life , And people used to say i was Poor , my reply was alway's , "According to who " look into the depths of the big city's ,or even the darkest parts of Africa etc there you will find Poor / Poverty but you will always find some content ,Happy people there , So Poor is ACCORDING TO WHO

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