chiangmai is a bit quiet

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Re: chiangmai is a bit quiet

Post by stattointhailand » December 12, 2017, 10:32 pm

Moved to Chang Mai about 9 years ago with the intention selling up in Udon and buying a place in CM.

After less than 3 months the Mrs admitted she didn't like it, which was music to my ears as I'd been trying to find a way to say I thought we had made a mistake and didn't want to stay there long term, the dog had run away from home. Found the dog a couple of days later (probably trying to find the road to Udon).
Udon has lots of minus points, but it is still far better than CM (especially as I don't need all the golf courses anymore :lol:)

IMHO CM is great for a few days away but it's still nice to come home :-$

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