Udon Thani 150 T. Wah (600 sq.m) Nong Bu lake Bargain due to family circumstances 750 000 Bath

Udon Thani land for sale and rent
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Udon Thani 150 T. Wah (600 sq.m) Nong Bu lake Bargain due to family circumstances 750 000 Bath

Post by Pieter » January 10, 2018, 10:11 pm

'Due to family circumstances my wife (family beneficiary) has the task to sell family land

For sale Bargain directly by family land owner Nim' transfer cost to be paid by the buyer
100% !! The Cheapest offer for the city Udon Thani' !!
Plots enough for sale of 2 Rai / 5 Rai 15 Rai and more but not a normal building plot for a normal house ''

You'' must see this "and you will not believe your eyes' !!
Schools / university / study campus / hospital / shopping area /restaurants / Golf course within walking distance and a beautiful natural environment 'on the new four-lane road. ( nice area for walking and cycling Nong Bu lake )

Here no monsoon nuisance no industry and no air pollution and 10 kilometerfrom central Plaza' a one-time opportunity!!

150 T. Wah (600 sq.m) Chanote colour for the land Red',

Walk away, the same street Nong Bu lake ( Destination plan second Nong Prajak )

Beautiful environment or investment, bargain 750 000 Bath

For more info or a look only via E mail pdsmit5@hotmail.com
Or Telefoon directly with Nimnuan, family beneficiary 087-4383893

Super Cheap offer,... a Beautiful New Design Architecturally House'' ( delivered 2017) constructed to the law of Isaac Newton built for sale 2.5 million Bath' incl. lots of furniture and extras
Bouwkavel 150 Tarang Wa ( 600 M2 ) Nong Bu'.jpg
nong Bu  1.jpg
Kavel Nong Bu 6.jpg
Nong Bu 2.jpg
Nong Bu.jpg
Nong Bu meer in aanmaak.jpg

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