Overpass/tunnel Udon Ringroad Nongkai Hwy

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Re: Overpass/tunnel Udon Ringroad Nongkai Hwy

Post by stattointhailand » May 29, 2018, 10:35 pm

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Re: Overpass/tunnel Udon Ringroad Nongkai Hwy

Post by vincemunday » May 30, 2018, 7:34 am

I’ve used the road a few times at various times of the day/week and so far I’ve found it quicker that it was before when the lights were in place and working, perhaps I’ve just been lucky. Is the intention to have filter lanes onto the main carriageways? I’ve yet to see a Thai driver (other than my missus) who can filter safely and it’ll most likely end up in tears. Traffic lights might work, they did something similar in Canning Town putting lights on the flyover to allow the filter lane to enter the carriageway but of course people take notice of red lights there. It’s going to be interesting.
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Re: Overpass/tunnel Udon Ringroad Nongkai Hwy

Post by stereolab » May 30, 2018, 8:24 am

I have found it much easier to come in to town from Nong Khai
since these works commenced. I have only once been delayed,
and that was caused by the constant lane changing of individuals
trying to get ahead of the pack. A small fortune could have been saved by
making the "racetrack system" in use at present, into a permanent structure.

However, they are missing appropriate signage and a lack of lane enforcement.

Land surrounding the works should have been compulsory appropriated, to ensure works vehicles have proper safe access and egress to/from the site.

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