John's budget build

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Re: John's budget build

Post by Barney » June 10, 2018, 2:26 pm


Reminds me when I owned a concrete agitator truck for a few years in Cairns Qld many years ago. Majority of homes especially builder spec homes were all blocks and we would deliver the wet mix to fill the walls of the house. Same as you have, knocked out block sections so the mix would flow, reo to the roof and tied in. In Cairns all homes had to be cyclone proof so the walls were eventually tied into the roof. Our concrete mix for this was called piss and pebbles, real wet so it would flow. Only 20mpa or less and only had 7 mm rock though, not the usual 10mm and 20mm. Always had a pump.
Looking good mate.

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Re: John's budget build

Post by ajarnudon » June 10, 2018, 10:20 pm

Takes me back too Barney. I worked in Cairns during the eighties as the manager of a finance company specialising in equipment finance. My biggest customer was Ray and Denis Catelan's Trumix operation, which had ten batch plants across FNQ - think they eventually sold out to the Readymix group. I am older than you, so I think the timeframes are a little different. In business circles, the eighties was a party that lasted ten years - if you couldn't make hay then, you weren't even trying. I lived at Holloway's Beach initially, then at Bayview Heights later. Tony Price was another customer - I am sure you know his Bayview Gardens development project (amongst others) very well. Those were days (in Cairns) when millionaires rubbed shoulders with people like me in the pub after work, and I learned so much from them. Tony, the property developer (who had made his initial fortune selling tinnies and motors to croc hunters), specialised in buying up cane farms and getting them rezoned to residential. He drove home to me his philosophy - always leave enough in the deal for your buyer (spec builders) to make a good profit. He did, and had them lining up to buy another, and another).

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Re: John's budget build

Post by ajarnudon » August 15, 2018, 12:46 pm

I'm working in BKK again, but manage to get back on site every second weekend to get some more done. The internal walls 80 cm high will support the pan puen for the raised concrete floor for the living room, main bedroom and the rear deck. Originally this was to be the case for the second bedroom as well, but here I changed my mind. Looking ahead, there may come a time when stairs become an obstacle, so I knocked a hole in the wall here to make a doorway.
BR 2.jpg
I apologise for the poor quality of the pics - they were lifted from my wife's video footage.
We got a lot of materials in, including three pallets of AAC blocks. These will be used as the inner skin for the two bedrooms and the living room - the air-con rooms.
Composite 1.jpg
Last weekend we did some concreting for the 2nd BR floor, and the first section of the driveway in front of the garage. We welded up reo mesh in situ for both, at 20 cm centres for the BR, and 15 cm centres for the driveway. The site was levelled using sand, covered with plastic, then the mesh supported with luk bun. Also concreted an internal wall footing, and a landing at the back doorway of the garage/workshop/laundry.
Got some plumbing and electrical wiring in as well.
Bathroom plumbing.jpg

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