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Re: Non Immigrant O or OA Visa

Post by Lone Star » July 4, 2018, 9:32 am

Something new for me today at Immigration upon renewing my Retirement Visa. Since it's been a year since I renewed last time, others may have experienced this already.

The owner of the property where I reside had to sign paperwork today verifying that my Yellow Book is true and correct. A portion of that form was then stapled into the back of my passport (similarly to what they do with the 90 Day Report notice).

In the past, all I had to present was a copy of the applicable pages of the Yellow Book and have the Yellow Book itself readily available.

Just a friendly heads up for the forum. Image

PS - They still only required one copy of everything. They returned my duplicate copies to me.
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Re: Non Immigrant O or OA Visa

Post by FrazeeDK » July 4, 2018, 7:18 pm

had my retirement extension and multi-re-entry permit transferred from my old passport to my new one today.. It took roughly 45 minutes with all the stamping, writing and some computer inputs.. Upon completion he laid the new passport on the counter, showed me my transferred ret extension then said in Thai, "the fee is 500 baht.." I looked at him and said in Thai "your website says its free.." He colored up, stammered, gave a little grin and said in English, "oh, for you.. free!" Then I perused my passport and asked him "where's my multi-re-entry permit?" Ooops.. That took another 10 minutes stamp, stamp, copies, and putting it into the system... Don't be afraid to challenge those fishing for free money..

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