air pollution damages every organ in body

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air pollution damages every organ in body

Post by yartims » May 20, 2019, 7:06 pm

Posted on May 20, 2019, 12 a.m.

A global comprehensive analysis has found air pollution to cause harm from head to toes, including dementia, heart and lung diseases, fertility problems, and reduced intelligence; air pollution may be damaging every organ and virtually every cell within the human body according to this new international review: Air Pollution and Noncommunicable Diseases published in CHEST JOURNAL in two parts.

Between all of the scientists they represent every continent, and this study has found there to be body wide harm ranging from heart and lung disease, diabetes, dementia, liver problems, bladder cancer, brittle bones, damaged skin, fertility issues, and foetuses are also affected by the toxic air. Consequences of exposure to dirty toxic air pollution leads to systemic damage as the result of pollutants causing inflammation that floods throughout the body and ultrafine particles being carried around by the blood stream.

Air pollution is a public health emergency with more than 90% of the global population enduring toxic outdoor air, according to W.H.O air pollution is the silent killer as its widespread effects are not often ascribed to toxic air; new analysis indicates 8.8 million early deaths each year making air pollution a bigger threat than smoking. Impact of the various pollutants on many ailments remains to be established suggesting heart and lung damage is only “the tip of the iceberg.”

“Air pollution can harm acutely, as well as chronically, potentially affecting every organ in the body. Ultrafine particles pass through the lungs, are readily picked up by cells, and carried via the bloodstream to expose virtually all cells in the body.” says scientists from the Forum of International Respiratory Societies. ... rgan-body/

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