Rules for posting news quotes

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Rules for posting news quotes

Post by lee » November 14, 2007, 6:15 pm

When posting news quotes please give a reference to its source, and link back to the site it was copied from. This is to avoid copyright issues. Thanks ;)

Members should refrain from copying and quoting large passages of material from other sources, especially without adding appropriate comments themselves. The correct way is quote sufficient only to support the posters' comments and supply a web link to the source document.


Your comments here about the news article you have quoted....
sufficient text only to support your comments wrote:"I bought more than 5 kilos of frogs from the market the other day, and upon coming back found that one of them has six legs," says chef Xiao Song.

The frog has two extra legs on the front left side which, according to waiters, means that it has a lopsided hop...
Link to news article:

Posts not adhering to these rules will be deleted.

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Re: Rules for posting news quotes

Post by arjay » April 4, 2009, 4:29 pm

The Management have asked that members please do not make posts, or post news articles about less majeste. It is not the purpose of this forum to discuss such matters.

Mods have been asked to remove all/any such posts.


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