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by andymu
October 31, 2019, 6:21 pm
Forum: Cars & Trucks For Sale/Wanted
Topic: Ford Ranger Wildtrack 2007
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Re: Ford Ranger Wildtrack 2007

"Car is still with finance company" correct me if I'm wrong but you can't sell it if you don't own it. If the finance is payed off and the owner has the registration book, well all is good. If the person who has the finance agreement were to default on another finance contract surely this truck woul...
by andymu
June 6, 2019, 8:34 am
Forum: General Udon Thani Forum
Topic: world heavyweight title
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Re: world heavyweight title

AJ Olympic Champion, Multi belt heavy weight champion. Only one loss. He will be back in the rematch to regain his titles. A true Champion.
by andymu
February 27, 2019, 5:33 pm
Forum: General Udon Thani Forum
Topic: Farang bad motorcyclists & drivers
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Re: Farang bad motorcyclists & drivers

Commander Shears: You mean, you intend to uphold the letter of the law, no matter what it costs? Colonel Nicholson: Without law, Commander, there is no civilization. Commander Shears: That's just my point; here, there is no civilization. Colonel Nicholson: Then we have the opportunity to introduce it
by andymu
February 6, 2019, 10:23 pm
Forum: Jobs Offered/Wanted
Topic: House Painter
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Re: House Painter

I know its often true you get what you pay got but 45k for 3 weeks labour sign me up. I'm a sparks what we looking at 65k for a house rewire you supply materials. If only I were allowed to work lol
by andymu
January 25, 2019, 10:48 am
Forum: Where to Buy Things in Udon
Topic: Beware of Lazada.
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Re: Beware of Lazada.

Never had a problem always good quality goods from mini pc, crash helmet, cloths, bedding. You name it always good.
by andymu
January 10, 2019, 6:03 pm
Forum: U.K.
Topic: New pound coin to be introduced after Hard Brexit
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Re: New pound coin to be introduced after Hard Brexit

Looks like angela merkel who is bent over to me. The eu need us more than we need them.
by andymu
November 30, 2018, 2:07 pm
Forum: Sports, Leisure and Adventure in Udon Thani
Topic: Who's Your Money On.
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Re: Who's Your Money On.

Easy night for Fury. Wilder ko'd before 6th. Fury to have a 3stone weight advantage. Wilder has been knocking over bums and old men, never took on anyone in Furys league. My opinion.

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