Small trip observations going to CM and CR

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Small trip observations going to CM and CR

Post by nkstan » January 22, 2011, 1:47 pm

My first time to go North.Went through the mountain,quite steep in some areas and quite beautiful.A pleasant change from the standard Isaan look.

Left NK about Noon and stayed over in Phrae at a relatively new resort on the right hand side as entering Phrae.Nice accomodation for 450B including breakfast,which we skipped!

Left Phrae about 0530 for CM.More hills with alot of construction going on.Arrived in CM around 0800 looking for Payap University.I had a printout from the University showing that I would be coming in on the ''Superhighway'' and I needed to get on the outer ring rd.!Problem was I was looking for signs that said Outer Ring Rd.(like Bangkok)and there are not any,nor anything stating ''Superhighway'',so I drove right through CM thinking it was larger than it is!

I did enjoyed the Airport Plaza(Robinsons to the locals),as they had several movies playing with an English Soundtrack and we took on in,although not the best choice,it was nice to kick back and hear the language as chewed my popcorn. :lol:

Wound up in a ''sex drive-in hotel'' for 300 baht,as my campus tour guide suggested it as it was very close to the campus and as he put it,''very clean,never stayed there ,but have gotten massages there'' :lol: :roll: We were the only customer checking in early and although the mirrors on the ceiling walls and shower walls was a pretty good clue,in the evening we noticed many parking stalls with curtains closed so you could not see the cars.Then the capper was the porno channel when we turned on the TV :lol: :lol:

We spend 2 nights there and didn't do any sightseeing as our focus was evaluating the University,testing and auditing classes,which was fruitful and extremely positive.Most of our interactions with locals were on the campus,but except for the different language spoken there,we found the people very nice and very ''white''!The ''eye candy''was extremely beautiful,IMO!I saw a young girl on campus that was about the prettiesy girl I have ever seen in my life! :shock: =P~

We left CM at noon Wednesday for CR.Turns out the road 118 to CR was where we were staying in CM,so it was a snap getting out of town.We stayed with a friend in CR who has built a fabulous home ,wall and grounds on the bank of a river there.His wife,holding a Thai University BA is studying law in the International program at Mae Fah Luang University(the Queens mothers University) and thought we would be interested as it is a beautiful well kept University.

He also touted us on how nice the people are in the area and the International English Programs fees are about 1/3 of the fees for Payap U..The university was a disppointment for us as their idea of customer relations was to had out pamphlets in a very disinterested manner,couldn't audit classes and although we would be applying for the International program,my daughter would have to stay in the ''Thai'' dormitory,no exceptions!Goodbye :roll:

CR isn't a ''bar'' oriented community,but there are dozens of fancy coffee houses and several Mineral bath houses ther.He has quite a few falangs and Japanese living there.We went to one coffee house that was large and had a pleasant ambience,including smells.We had dinner at a wonderful outdoor garden setting at a large resturant,very nice,medium priced,900 baht for 4 people including one large Heiniken.

We got up and left Thursday morning at 0600,had breakfast in CM at the Payap University,stuffed out for 45 baht each =D>,then continued on our way.I decided to avoid the mountains and drove South to Pitsanalouk on Highway 11,East on Highway 12 to Chumpae(some small mountains enroute),North to Udon on highway 228,arriving in NK about 1930,worn out! :lol:

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Re: Small trip observations going to CM and CR

Post by Jello » January 22, 2011, 3:25 pm

Great trip report Stan. Thanks for sharing! =D>

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Re: Small trip observations going to CM and CR

Post by stattointhailand » January 22, 2011, 4:48 pm

Nice report Stan. Any reason you came back via Phitsanelok? If you had done a left South of Uttaradit onto 1245 and followed that through till it joins 1143. Take 1143 via Chat Traken to Nakon Thai and then 2013 until it joins the 203 near Phu Rua. Then its either straight on into Loei or hang a right at Ban san tom and cut through to Wang Saphang where you pick up the Udon Road (210). It's all fairly flat and quite wide roads which are in good condition (can be driven at 100kph without fear of potholes). There are VERY long stretches of strait road and not much traffic. It would have saved you at least 1 1/2 hrs and probably more than 2hrs.

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