Stopped by Police....what you should do.

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Stopped by Police....what you should do.

Post by semperfiguy » March 15, 2018, 12:36 pm

Stopped by Police in Thailand? What You Should Do.

By Yutthachai Sangsirisap and Robert Virasin

There are plenty of stories about bad police planting evidence or fake police shaking down the innocent. What to do if someone claiming to be a police officer wants to search your person or belongings?

The primary duty of the police is to protect people and property and to enforce laws. When a crime occurs, they have to investigate the crime to ensure justice by catching criminals. Under Thai law, the police officer has the right to search people and property to prevent or solve a crime. When a police officer acting in a lawful manner requests to search you, you must comply. However, there are certain things one can do.

First, ask to see the officer’s identification to ensure he is an actual officer. If you believe that he is not an actual police officer, then shout for the attention of people around you so they can act as your witness. If the officer is a fraud, they may be able to assist you.

Second, during the search, you have the right to record the whole process as long as you do not interfere with it. With everyone carrying handheld video cameras in the form of their smartphones, this should be an easy thing to do. However, if the police find contraband, the video can be used as evidence against you.

Third, you can ask the police officer to empty his shirt and trouser pockets and to clear anything that may be hidden up his sleeves before the search begins. This will help to alleviate concerns that he may plant some evidence against you. If the police officer refuses to empty his pockets before the search, you may have grounds for suspicion and may consider requesting additional witnesses before the inspection.

Fourth, if the officer has found something that does not belong to you, do not touch the item and do not admit that the object is yours. If possible, take a photo of the object and contact your family and close friends. If you do not already have the name of a criminal attorney, then ask your family or friends to locate one to assist you.

Fifth, avoid signing any documents. If the police tell you that you must sign, please read it carefully. If you do not understand the document, find someone you trust to translate it for you. Do not rely on the police to translate the document. If the document is not accurate, do not sign it. If the document is not fully completed or is blank, do not sign it. If you agree with the document, initial every page before signing it to prevent someone from switching a page.

In our line of work, we have had many clients who have been victims of false criminal charges. The police have a right to search your person and property as part of their law enforcement duties. But people have intrinsic rights to protect themselves from bad or fraudulent police officers. Be diligent when someone claiming to be a police officer wants to search you or your property.

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Re: Stopped by Police....what you should do.

Post by glalt » March 15, 2018, 7:23 pm

Years ago I was stopped at the bus station in Bangkok. I was polite but told the two cops that I would empty my pockets and my bag myself. No way I wanted their hands in my bag or my pockets. I have no idea what they were up to, if anything, but they seemed to lose interest after I emptied my pockets and started to empty my bag.

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Re: Stopped by Police....what you should do.

Post by fredwilliams » March 17, 2018, 12:25 am

A very good OP.

Generally, when in Rome; just politely cooperate.

But specifically being stopped in the middle of nowhere at "some" hour; just do the opposite, numero uno being... keep on keepin' on.

Pursuing you is a lousy mug's game that results in $0 value fines, 'cause thou is actually v difficult to apprehend.

Full stop.

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Re: Stopped by Police....what you should do.

Post by felixcat » March 18, 2018, 6:02 pm

In 2010, bringing my wife and I from Phuket in my pick-up to Udon, got stopped on the interstate just before Korat. The cop wanted to see my book for the P.U. "Or" wanted 500tb..ummm. because it could be stolen? I could pay him, drive away a stolen truck, show him my book or just get him to go away. I told my wife to tell him I will need to unpack all the boxes, "because I know its in there, and its probably in with my underware".. She told him..He said, "Just go". 8)

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Re: Stopped by Police....what you should do.

Post by pf-flyer » March 19, 2018, 7:54 am

Several months ago I was stopped by several plain clothed policemen while I was walking out of the Big C. One of them approached me and asked “What is your name ?”. He did not identify who he was. I told him my name and then I walked away because I thought he was just being annoying. He asked me my name again when I approached the door and by that time there were three other men with him. He presented his Police identification to me and he told me that he was a policeman and he asked to see my passport. I told him my wife was still in the Big C and that she had my passport and I showed him my Pink Thai ID card and he looked at it and told the others that I was telling him the truth. They thanked me for cooperating with them and they showed me a picture of the farang individual on their cell phone that they were looking for.
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