Restaurant/Coffee bar counter

Furniture wanted and for sale in Udon Thani
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Restaurant/Coffee bar counter

Post by DoctorFix » November 20, 2017, 11:37 am

Our restaurant closed some time ago and we have gradually sold off our fixtures. At present there is a custom built heavy counter remaining that was used for mixing smoothies and making coffee. It's about a year old and the missus says it cost her 40,000 to have it built and put in. The bar detaches into two units for delivery. So what you see in the pictures is how I have it separated now after unscrewing the two segments. Very heavy so you'd need at least four guys to move the bigger segment. No joking! Asking 20,000. You can contact us here or call me at 092-449-1177 and ask for David or Jenny. Wife, naturally, can communicate in Thai. The "dear in the headlights" Non-Thai speaker would be me!

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