Renew Australian Drivers license from Thailand older driver

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Renew Australian Drivers license from Thailand older driver

Post by Whistler » November 6, 2023, 1:58 pm

I am told you cannot. Took two calls to Sevice NSW to get an explanation (told the same process for all states). I was told as an Australian citizen, I cannot drive in Oz on a foreign or International license if I had a suspended license.

My NSW license was due Nov 15, 2023, a letter was sent to my old address requiring a medical as I approached 75th birthday in July, as I never got the letter, my license was suspended. Need Fit to Drive medical. In NSW it can only be done by medico on line, there is no hard copy option form to fill in. Cannot be done overseas. Oncie completed, go to Service NSW with recent photo (I thought they did this in Sevice NSW centre) and free 5 year license issued. After age 85, must be done annually, plus must take quiz and practical driving test.

Seems a reasonable process, but interested if others have been told different.

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