Wanted. Good home for 1yr Jack Russell

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Wanted. Good home for 1yr Jack Russell

Post by mickojak » March 21, 2020, 6:42 am

With great reluctance we are looking for a good home for one of our Jack Russells.
We bought a pure bred brother and sister from bangkok. The idea was that my two kids could grow up with the dogs together. The male is quiet and timid and the kids love him. The female is a more excited dog and one of my kids is scared of her even though she is extremely friendly and just wants to play, she is just too active.

So, unfortunately, the kids never go out and play with the dogs which is defeating the purpose

She is desexed, vaccined, wormed, flead everything etc.
Shes a great watchdog, snaker, mouser, typical of the breed. She is a brilliant dog.

We will be fussy about who gets her.
08 3677 5324

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